Fat Fast....BROCK I NEED HELP!!!

I tried your fat fast. On 10-23-00 I was: 194lbs., 34in. waist, 14%bf on BIA scale,10mm skinfold (SI). I finished on 11-19-00. I am now: 182lbs., 32in waist, 12%on BIA scale,
5-6mm skinfold(SI). I used Androsol (70 sprays 2x a day), MD6 (2pills 3x a day+ an extra 25mg of epedrine and 100mg caffeine w/each dose). I had 5 whey shakes(no carbs of course) a day w/1 tbsp flax in each. I was taking in anywhere between 160-250gr of protein per day. The last week i even cut out the flax oil. I was using Poloquin’s German Body Comp program and was doing cardio 3-5x per week. My problem is where do I go from here? I still look like shit. I really want to get down to 6%BF. I figured I would have gotten better results with fat fast. I have been dieting all year with the exception of about 6 weeks before the fat fast. I hit a major plataeu!!! What do I do now???

Hey JD,

A couple of comments,

A persons body will adapt to ANY change that is imposed on it after a period of time. How much time this adaptation takes is purely individual.

It appears that your body eventually got used to being severly taxed via exercise, diet and supplimentation. You initially made a drastic change by cutting out your carbs, using the GVT training method, and adding thermogenic suppliments to your diet. Your body has now gotten used to all of those things and it is time to make changes again.

If I were you, I would now use a program that requires you to make changes in your diet on a more frequent basis...this way, your body never reaches equilibrium i.e. a plateau. The 1250 diet that is outlined in the T-mag is a good diet to experiment with. Each WEEK, you fluctuate your calories so that you body is always guessing and adjusting.

I would also look at the amount of cardio that you are doing…it seems to me to be a bit excessive. Too much cardio is actually catabolic. I would limit the cardio to perhaps two sessions a week, and make sure that it is more of an interval type workout rather then a strait, steady-state event.

Before you initiate this program, I would also consider giving yourself a week off. Don’t go crazy, but cut back on your workload by 50% and allow yourself to eat more normally (the 40/30/30 diet seems appropriate at 100% of maintenance calories). This time off will allow your body time to rest and recuperate and get ready for your next bout of cutting.

GVT is a good workout, but you might consider changing up your exercise choices for more stimulation. I also like your supplimentation, but I don’t really see the need for the extra ephedra or caffeine.

Good luck and see if these changes won't get you into the single digits...


The reason I was pushing the envelope with all the cardio was because I was on Androsol. I usually don’t do that much cardio, and when I do, it is usually interval or I go do sprints at the track. Actually this week I’m taking off because I need the break.

What was your total amount of calories? Seems like it was something around 1800 cals. I think Brock went down to something like 1200-1300 cals. Also you said you’ve been dieting for a year. Your metabolism is probably screwed up. Before you start dieting again try to get you body to higher calories again by slowly increasing them. Then after you decide to go fat fast again use less calories and don’t forgo the efa’s

JD: It sounds like you did a good job. It looks like you sped up your fat loss by 300%. You should be encouraged by that! Where would you be now if you hadn’t done it? Think about that. If you want, take six weeks off to do “normal” dieting (try the Warrior Diet) and try Fat Fast again. I’ve done two cycles and I’m going to go anohter one in a few weeks.

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While I can’t give you any advice that hasn’t already been posted I will say that your BIA scale is a piece of crap. According to your bodyfat readings and your bodyweight you lost 5.5 lbs. of fat and 6.5 lbs. of muscle. I hope for your sake that the thing is a piece of crap and that you didn’t really lose that much muscle. I would go by the skinfold measurements to gauge your progress and have my bodyfat tested at a gym once every month or 2 months just to see where you really are.

I was eating around 1000-1500 cal a day. Everytime I try to increase my calories to up my metabolism and put some muscle on, I usually add a little too much fat. Even when I’m careful about adding calories. Then when I diet back down, I’m right back where I was: between 10-12%BF. I can’t get lower!

JD, if you’re measuring 5-6mm on a caliper you’ve got to be below 10-12%. Forget the scale. When you say you look like shit, what exactly do you mean? Can you see any veins? Whoever recommended you cut down on the cardio was right on. You’ve overloaded your system and are probably burning your own muscle tissue. Cut back on volume, try increasing poundages while lifting and keep reps in the 6-8 range, and add 200-300 calories/day. Your body should respond favorably and begin shedding fat again. If it doesn’t, you may already be at 6% and should be thinking of adding muscle instead of losing fat.