Fat Fast and Atkin's Bars

Trying the fat fast diet, but already sick of my protein-and-Udo’s shake because I’m hungry all the time; even MD6 and coffee isn’t helping. I was thinking of trying to incorporate some Atkin’s Advantage bars and was wondering if anyone has any opinion on these. The label claims they only have 2.8 g of carbs or something, and even when you do the math to find out how many carbs they REALLY have, it looks like it’s only about 5g. I realize that the main protein constituent is soy (bad), and I’m sure the 14g of fat in each bar is nowhere near the quality of Udo’s. However, I don’t know if I can really stick to this diet, which I want to try, if my only option is the shakes. I need something solid…even if it’s just a shitty tasting bar. Any thoughts?