Fast-Slow Think Tank Question

i can’t think of anything cooler that this site could do. i greeeeeeeeeaaatly appreciate being able to examine the best of the best minds on the topics i care about. thanks t-nation.

question: are you saying that if i wanna sprint faster and snatch more than anyone in my weightclass that my training should consist of nothing but exercises that work my body in the same fashion as sprinting and snatching?

question: how important are training for sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and capillary density to an olympic lifter and sprinter?

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if think tank dialgoue becomes a consistent and popular thing (i’ll start praying again just so i can pray that it does) and you guys run out of topics to discuss then just ask and i’ll pull a bunch outa my noggin and a few outa my ass.

i’m sure other t-members have questions they want answered that could elicit dynamic responses.

Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy should not help.

Hypertrophy is one of the factors affecting strength, but it’s the CSA of the contractile filaments which affect it, not that of the muscle cells.

From what I’ve been able to understand at least…

If you want to be good at sprints, you should train your explosive strength - speed training, plyometrics -, and your maximum strength.

You can also do HIIT. HIIT is going to improve your cardio and your strength endurence.