Fast Fat Diet

T-men, I have been reading many threads about this trying to learn as much as I can but I am left with a few questions.

  1. How can FFD last longer than 2 weeks if an Androsol cycles 2on/4off? Do you just keep using Androsol?
  2. Can you drink diet soda and/or coffee (caffinated)?
  3. Can you use other thermogenics along with MD6, like a ECA stack or Hydroxycut?
  4. Do you change your workout, meaning do less sets because of recovery time issue?

I know I will come up with more questions. These are the ones that come to mind right now. I plan on starting FFD in two weeks, to get ready for summer. I want to lose about 25-30 lbs.

No offense, CJ, but you didn’t search too well since all this has been answered before and even in the original articles themselves! Ok, rant over.

1) Brock used only 35 sprays a day and stayed on for longer than two weeks. 2) Brock wrote in the article that he drank all the black coffee he wanted. 3) I’m sure other products would work, but don’t you find it odd that Brock wrote this article, T-mag published it for free, and then you choose to use their competitor’s product for the diet? Other than that, I think MD6 might kill the appetite more than the others. You’ll need that on this diet from what I hear. 4) Brock outlined his workout in the article. I’d cut back a little. Sorry to bust your balls, but I do hope this info helps. Good luck.

Two weeks is the safest period of time for a Fat Fast because longer periods will require anabolics and supplemental thyroid hormone. If using Androsol I would recommend using half the maximum dosage so it will last longer. I personally feel trenbolone acetate and stanozolol work best with it though. A few people have complained that aspartame-containing products kick them out of ketosis. I have not experienced this and I drink about 1-1.5 gal of Crystal Light a day, plus diet sodas. Coffee and unsweetened teas are fine also. Using ephedrine along with any product containing yohimbine HCl is not recommended. On the other hand you will have better fat loss. Do you really want all the side effects for a pound or two more? On training, I like to go as heavy as possible. This usually means more sets and lower reps to keep volume reasonable. Total reps should be lower either way. This helps keep lean weight and fat loss at maximum. Any other questions are welcome. I am going to experiment with a lactic acid buffer/energy drink during workouts on a ketogenic diet. It will include glycerol, sodium bicarbonate, BCAAs, glutamine, creatine, ribose, and maybe other stuff in crystal light. I’ll let you guys know how it works out.

Whoa…TEK! Here’s my reasoning:

  1. Brock said that he used 35 sprays twice a day but didn’t say the duration, he could of stopped after 2 weeks. 2) A lot has been said about artificial sweeteners, and I just wanted a condensed version and just a plain, yes or no. Also, Brock said that he gave himself the luxury of “decaffinated” coffee. 3) I wanted to use another thermogenic on top of MD6, which John pointed out that it might be a bad idea. Sorry TEK, had to get some of my dignity back :wink:

Thanks for the tips John!!! If I come up with anything else I will post it.

Okay, I get ya. Yeah, I’m an asshole sometimes, I admit it. As for caffeine, just drink more water to combat the diaretic effect. Caffeine shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re sensitive and already taking a fat loss product that contains it. I don’t think a cup of java or two a day is any big deal. I wouldn’t mix fat burners either. One product is enough. Good luck on the diet. Oh and BTW, I’ve done 70 sprays of Androsol for 4 straight weeks and had no problems. I’m sure 35 would be fine for most guys.

I just did the fat fast diet for three weeks before I had to stop in oreder to carb up for a semi-pro football tryout. I used 35 sprays of androsol twice a day, and I did not have any problems with it, but I would use tribex to come off of it if I were you. On the diet I did 12 sets four days a week, and did cardio 3 days a week,and it worked great.