Everyone's a critic

I can’t believe someone took a shot at Brock in this week’s reader’s mail just because he isn’t 280 lbs. I guess Dan Duchaine didn’t know squat about roids either based on his lack of size. As though big muscles are required to pick up and read a chemistry book.
My brother spent 7 years in med school getting his MD PhD, but apparently he doesn’t know shit about the human body or pharmacology because he weighs all of 180 lbs. Damn, some people are so fucking stupid you wonder how they manage to survive.

I.B.: Yeah…it’s pretty unbelievable to me too. However, it’s been said hundreds of times on this Forum and has been stated by the T-Mag Staff probably a hundred more…there are a group of people (most likely the “Gym Fat Guys”)who equate Bulk and Size to knowlege about the game. I don’t get the reasoning, if there is any…

Yep, Brock has a good physique and good muscle mass to boot.

Anyways guys most of the dipshits like that guy who wrote in trust me 99% of the time look like qa joke themselves.

The boards have tons of guys posting pics of them post cycle. Some look good and muscular but frankly alot of the guys on a gram a week of test and they are 180lbs aty 5’10 make me laugh.
So take what anyone says on the net with a grain of salt. They are just making up for thier own insecurities.
Besides bodybuilding isn’t about who is the biggest, it’s about taking whatever you start with and improving upon it daily to whatever YOUR GOAL IS, not some online bullshitter who stats on the net are usually 6’8 at 400lbs and 5% bodyfat with a 12 inch schlong.

although it is not impossible, alot of people will agree, that it is best to have a high personal knowledge base and academic knowledge. Like in Speed Trap with Charlie Francis, Charlie said that he understood how sprinting works, but also that he felt he could coach his sprinters better than some coaches, because he himself had been in the Olympics as a sprinter. Its kinda like seeing old pictures of Joe Weider giving advice to Arnold. But none of these people (here) are pencil necks. And, if you look at who gives/gave the majority of TRAINING articles, people like king (whos not huge, but his proven coaching success does give him leaway), Dave Tate, good old Poliquin, Charlie Francis (can you say 9.79), i just don’t know why people are bitching.

“Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain. And most fools do.”


“A critic is a legless man who teaches running.”

I have nothing bad to say about anyone who works hard to develope a good physique, but some people MAY have a point w/one thing. if someone speaks about how this sup added 15lbs muscle, or this drug stack added 30lbs musle to them and they state that several x’s about drus or sups and the math just doesn’t add up the they would have a point. now w/Duchaine he had serious medical problems that just about everyone had heard about and he used to be pretty big for his genetics. also when he spoke about juice he usualy would talk about the results he got w/other people so you did not realy expect him to be 280lbs ripped. I don’t know brock and I have not been reading this forum for long enough to say if he made these type of statements so please don’t take it like that I’m realy talking about someone like Zulack who has gained 20lbs from cell-tech, 15lbs from nitro-tech, 25 lbs from this drug stack, 20lbs from that drug stack,ect… WHAT HAPPEND TO ALL THAT MUSCLE! just asking