Everclear in NY

Why is everclear illegal in NY state? I recently came here from FL and don’t understand the deal. If I have powder, why does it matter if I use 190 proof everclear instead of something else? Are there any other NYers out there that have this problem, and if so, what do you use? Does it matter what I mix the powder with?

Water content greatly compromises the
ability of alcohol to dissolve a steroid.

The “proof” system is, for some reason, the
percentage alcohol multplied by two. So, 200
proof is 100%, 190 proof is 95%, 100 proof
is 50%, etc.

190 proof still has good solubilizing ability
but that would rapidly decrease as water
content increased further. Even 180 proof
would probably (I have not tried it) be
a significant compromise.

The brand name, however, does not matter.

BTW, something totally off-topic but funny
(to me) happened yesteday – some friends
brought over some booze because they wanted
rum and cokes, and left the bottle.

You’ve heard of Ripple wine, or Thunderbird
wine? Well those at least have brand names.
The label of this one just said “Imported”
then under that, some sort of a seal, then
in huge letters, “RUM,” and then some
other writing under that, but no brand
name whatsoever.

As you might expect it was the poorest booze
I have ever suffered. I hope it did not cost more than $1.99.

It would not even have been of use for
dissolving a steroid, since the proof
was too low. (back on topic. :wink:

I too had very low quality booze last night, and it might have affected my sentence structure when I was writing this question last night at like 3am. Anyway, thank you for the explanation. My other question though, is what to use if it is illegal for me to purchase 190 proof alcohol in NY. Is that even true (that NY law states that the proofage is too high to be sold), or is it just a myth made up my one of my friends? I actually haven’t gone to the store to ask about it yet, but I thought someone here might know if my friend is telling the truth or not.