Ever heard of?

Whats up guys? Have any of u ever heard of the Bulgarian training system. There is also a program i am interested called the 10-week size surge. Any comments or info would be appreciated.

Yes, if you’re referring to the one put out by OTS (Leo Costa). I followed it when it first came out for about a year and actually made pretty good progress in both strength and size. But that was back when I was younger. Now I’m sure that I would overtrain on it. In fact, I don’t know how I didn’t overtrain then, working out twice a day 6 days a week.

The Bulgarian training system was developed by Leo Costa about ten years ago. It is basically a periodization model that the Bulgarian weight lifting team used. In 1994 Leo came out with Big Beyond Belief witch was a new system that advocated precise rest periods to the amount of weight used. There was 8 training factors that supposidly increase muscle building, they are training intensity, training time, rep speed, exercise selection and some other stuff I can’t remember right now. This is a good book for novice weightlifters. Leo just came out with The Titan Training manual with is a very interesting read with some new concepts in it. If I was you I would but the Titan manual because it has BIG Beyond belief priciples in it.

Don’t know if the Bulgarian one is a BB or weightlifting program. But Bulgaria doesn’t produce many world class bodybuilders. 10 Week Size Surge is pretty good. It’s a good, basic beginner program. Some of my friends (beginners) put on about 15 lbs. while using it. It could be a good change of pace if you are more advanced, though I don’t know if it’s the best

Just keep in mind that many of these “Bulgarian” systems were designed for heavy steroid users. Most average, clean guys would overtrain.

I used the OTS system in college when i had nothing to do except eat, train , sleep and avoid classes and I still ended up overtraining on it. Dropped it after 4 weeks and started a 20 rep deadlift routine and strated growing again.