Estrogen in everyday life?

I know this was touched on in an article some time ago that companies use chemicals when blowing up plastic bottles and such that contain estrogen but I was told by a friend who is a postgrad science guru and works for a major pharmaceutical company that just by touching plastics and cooking your food in it, you are slowly getting the damned E. I can’t remember anymore but I think she also said that anything you put on your skin that softens it, you’re rubbing estrogen into your body. Cy, et al, any truth to this?

Don’t know about the plastics industry but I do know that there are estrogen mimickers in most public drinking water that could possibly mess with your endocrine system. Its also very tough to treat for these compounds.

dont ever microwave your food in plastic/plastic wrap. drinking water generally has some problems as well (countless women taking the pill for so many years, the estrogen they excrete finds its way back into the water table) but there isnt a whole lot you can do about that.

How about the lotions?