My friend has gotten hold of 10cc of equipoise and is wanting to know how to best make use of it. He is approx 5’10", 197lbs, with a body fat of approx 17%. He has been working out continuously for 1 1/2 years, and this is his first cycle. He is 36 years old. I suggested stacking it with Deco or similar, as I do not think 1 cc a week for ten weeks is that good of an idea. Any suggestions.

What counts is milligrams, not milliliters.
The Equipoise is presumably 50 mg/mL.

So your friend, having 10 mL, has 500 mg
worth. This is about one week’s worth.
He might gain a pound or two if he injected
it all at once (at least three different
injection sites though) and the effect would
be mostly over within 2-3 weeks.

In other words, he doesn’t have enough to
use by itself, except as a really nothing
cycle, or as part of a cycle, he’s got
only a small fraction of what would be a good
total amount.

I’ve used EQ in the past with success, but always stacked with another anabolic/androgen). He’s either got the 500mg or 1000mg, (like Ultragen). Either way he doesn’t really have enough to constitute a successful cycle. I would suggest that he waits till he either gets more or is able to stack it with another item.