ED on Split Nebido

Hi ,im 41years old. I have have been on nebido for 3 years on different protocols.every 8 weeks ,6week ,half à bottle every 3 weeks and currently 1/6 of à bottle every week.i self inject at home.I always have had problems with high e2 thats why i m trying this every week protocol.I m taking pregnenolone 25 mg à day ,dhea 50 mg à day melatonine 3mg à day and vit d 5000ui à day.i have tryed arimidex before and i crashed à few times.i m on this every week protocol for 5 weeks ,on week 3 i started arimidex o.o3 every day but feld bad after one week so i stopped.i think i might be an arimidex over responder.and really sensitive to e2 little to high or low and i have no erection.shoud i try to take arimidex twice à week instead of every day?or lower the dosage to 0.02 or even 0.01 every day?its really difficulté for me to take the difference between high or low

Be aware DHEA can increase estrogen and it seems it’s adding to your estrogen created from testosterone, you could decrease DHEA to lower estrogen.

You should try multiple injections per week, this will lower estrogen. I know a guy on nebido injecting 20mg every day in an attempt to control estrogen, it works well for him. The smaller the injection, the lower the estrogen in the majority of cases.

Anastrozole will take away some of the benefits of TRT, they should only be used when all other methods have failed, last resort.

Thx for your advice ,do you know how (what type of seringue ans needle)and where he injects?i currently inject in the glute with à long needle 5.5 cm .i dunno if i could use a insuline needle with this thick oil.and to be honnest injection every day seems pretty annoying lol

Just another question.if i stop dhea should i start 7keto and at what dosage?

You use insulin needles.i do like 4 shots a day of multiple things right now. Its painless

Where do you inject?

Stomach sub q around the naval. I used to stick my shoulders and thighs IM with insulin needles too. Just switched from EOD to ED test. 23mg daily. Actually bumped it up a little bit 42mg daily 30mg of c and 12mg of e to do a first small blast just to test the waters and see how cbc is effected.

Have you ever head of people injecting nebido sub q?testo undecaonate is à really thick oil,castor oil il fact .by the was when you say 23 mg are you talking about testostérone or testostérone enantate.nebido ester has à heavyer weight than enantate or cipionate

Does he inject sub q?or intra musculaire?

23mg of cyp. And yes and test csn be subq. Any oils pellets and suspensions

Ok i recieve à bottle of nebido from my doc evrey six weeks .he doesnt know i m splitting the dose ,he doesnt even care about e2.
So :à bottle of nebido is 1000 mg of testostérone undecaonate thats equals to 631.5 mg of testostérone .so if i divide it in 42(6 weeks equals 42 days) it makes 23.8 mg of teso undecaonate à day or 15 mg of testostérone à day does it look like à "normal"trt protocol?

Yea the mg but I’m.not familiar with that super long ester and how long it would take to stabilize

Even .01 will be too much i crashed on .0001 daily. Potent is an under statement.

So there is no hope for us with arimidex then,

Do you think that the fact i am already on undecaonate changes anything?i mean i doesnt have to build up

I read à scientific study about arimidex saying that stady levels (like taking it every day)is up to four Times most potentiel than à single dose équivalent( i hope you understand ,english is not m’y motherlanguage

Yes adex steady state levels are about 4x that of single dose.

Did you fond any solution to this problème?

Maybe it has to be dosed infrequently?

Yea you should just stop trying to treat estrogen. Your body will adjust after time. Increase dosing frequency. Switch esters