125mg E5D. Side Effects with AI and Aromasin

Need som help. my testostorone on sameday as injection before inject is 1150ng/dl e2 is 224 ref 60-150 shbg 23 free t 28 ref 4-8,9. Sexdrive is good training is good. But i do sometimes feel god like hell and some times Im fatigued and feel low and deppresed and have anexity like before trt. I dont use any ai. But i have tried 0,25mg armidex on injection days but it makes me sleepy and gives me hearthpalpations and anexity and pain in knees and arms 1 day after the armidex. I have Also tried 6,25mg armoasin on injection day. Samething happends There. Need help what Should i do next? Lowerdose or try lowerdose ai? My protocol is 125mg testosterone enanthe e5d.

Thyroid and everything else is good. But d-vitamin is little low and Iron. Sorry for bad English.

Low iron will definitely make you feel tired. You definitely have room to lower your dose. Be sure to get your vitamin D up though and if not already supplement with some boron and magnesium.

How long have you been on TRT? How long on this dose? What are you using? Test Cypionate, Sstanon, Test Enanthate? Nebido like your name?

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You do not need an AI, what you need is a better protocol with more frequent smaller injections. Your levels are excessive forcing you to counter with drugs, lower the dosage and inject smaller doses of T EOD and you will never need the AI again.

AI’s can make it seem like all your hormones are bottomed out even though testosterone is high, it sounds like you are on an AI induced E2 roller coaster. I would expect fatigue with crushed E2.

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Lower my dose to 100mg e5d or maby try 125mg e7d? I did start to supplement with d vitamin and iron 2 days ago. Magnesium is over referance so that isnt low. Only vitamins and minerals that are low is iron and d vitamin

7 years. 5 years on nebido 1000mg Every 6 week. Last 2 years testosterone enanthe. 125mg e5d protocol for 5 months.


How Much do you think i need with eod? 30 or 40mg?

Do you use boron?

Yes sir.

The latter is likely too much, 25-30mg EOD. Most men are right around 100mg weekly.

Cut the dose. Move it to every 7 days, or try 60 mg twice a week. You are producing a lot of E2 by anyone’s measure. You need to figure out why. You may want to consider using a small dose AI for a while and see what that does for you, but most likely you just need a lower dose for a while and some time.

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Elevated E2 risks

You’re going to see some posts on here stating that there is no risk in having high E2. There is always a price to pay when we let things go to an extreme. Personally, an E2 of 224 would make me nervous and curious.

224 is in pmol/l. In PG/ml my e2 is 61.

I know my e2 follows my t levels. Without ai and a t level of 433 Ng/dl my e is 21 PG/ml.
With a t level of 663 my e2 is 32 PG/ml.
T level at 1150ng/dl my e is 61pg/ml.
All this is without ai.

That is a perfectly reasonable E2, especially for that Total T.

I have virtually the same levels as this guy, I take no Ai, and I feel amazing. Why would you say that his levels are excessive? If he ditches the AI and does daily dosing he will definitely feel a whole lot better.

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Your dose is fine. You need to ditch your AI.

@hardartery you disappoint me. Look at the range. It’s in pmol. Translates to 61 pg/mL. He’s Fine.

Notice the later post telling him it’s dandy. We all misread stuff sometimes.Even me, LOL.

Yes… Apologies… I just saw it. But still! Lol! Hahahaha!