ED on Split Nebido

In my country i can only have nebido so switching ester is not an option unfortunataly

Half lifex7 and you should have stable levels. Im not sure what the half life is for undecoanate??

Sorry i did not understand the beginning of your message.undecaonate has à half life of dépends on the source i read 21 to 31 day

If the half life is about 20 days it will take around 140 days until you have stable levels.

This is what i do not understand.i was wondering if the fact i m.already on nebido for years is not gonna change anything as i said in another post it doesnt have to build up what do you think

As an example:when you start nebido the second shot is called à booster you get it at half the regular time between two injections so you can reach quicker à good level.so, since mine is already"stable"for a’long time is it not going to be less long for my levels to stabilise?

Why are you taking this? It cannot help you ake testosterone, you are shut down if you have been on Nebido that long. All this is going to do is increase you E2 and /or cortisol levels.
And, what country are you in?

Your dose might be just high enough to not control E2 if you’re so sensitive to an ai. Have you tried reducing by a small amount (10%) to see if you can go without it?

I had labs done and my pregnenolone and dhea where in the low range.i just stopped dhea to see if it can make à difference and lowering my e2 .are you sure pregnenolone converts to e2?i see many guys doing hcg for balls fertility and pregnenolone but its not an option for me.

I am in switzerland

Did i remoove something by mistake??

Sorry i deleted your last message by mistake,i m new here and do not understand evrything yet

I just started splitting à few weeks ago.i m.gonna stop dhea and pregnenolone to see if it makes à difference in e2 and then lab my dhea and pregnenolone levels in à few week hoping staying in à normal maybe lower range.then if it makes no change in e2 i might considère reducing my dose or try inject twice à week or even sub q every day

50 mg of dhea is a pretty high dose. Especially if it’s micronized which is supposedly better absorbed. Personally, I avoid the micronized formulations or use 1/2 as much if that’s what you have. You could try 25 mg for a while and see if it keeps you 300-400.

If I were you, I’d try and lower the T dose a bit to control E2 first. Your dose right now is ~166 /wk, which given undecanoate’s heavier ester is equivalent to ~145 of Test E. Some can get by with that dose w/o an ai but some can’t. I’ve used that dose before and didn’t like the estrogen sides. More frequent injections didn’t help. I’ve come to think it’s too high for trt but that’s preference/opinion.

You might want to try the equivalent to 120 mg/wk test C/E. That’s still 12 mg/day free T (using the per day calculation you did - which was correct) which is a sizable natural production. The supposed avg. for younger males is 7, with a range of 3-12 or so, from a small sample.

That’d require 72/63*120= 137 or 275 or 1.1 cc/2 weeks. Every 2 weeks would be 2/3rds the half life which shouldn’t fluctuate too much but you’ll know better than me what frequency you prefer. You could go even lower if you had to.

my 2 cents.

You can always try more frequent but I don’t know what you’ll get out of it.

The frequencies you hear about here are for Cyp and Enanthate which have a week half-life vs undecanoate with about 3-4 xs that. So, you really shouldn’t need the same frequency as you see others doing. 2xs/wk cyp might be every 2 weeks undecanoate.

I’ve heard of about a dozen people being happy with nebido with 1-8 wk injection protocols. This point seems seriously understudied but I could be wrong.

Thx for the advice,i currently use around 155 wk since i always "loose “à lil bit of the produce in the seringue and long needl every injection i dont know if my dhea is micronised its oral dhea from vitamine world in the usa.if i understand Well you suggest i try 25 instead of 50 but are you suggesting it because of possible. E2 conversion or for another reason?by the way do you take it in the morning? I was thinking of 7keto dhea witch suposely do not convert to e2 but could not understand if 7keto dhea could"replace” dhea for good dhea-s levels.what about pregnenolone would you advise keep on taking it?

NO steady stat is 2x a single dose.

If your Free T is at the top of the range there is no reason to change esters or dose. What ever your E2 is at that dose take your AI to get your E2 into the range that feels best for you. Some do well in the mid 20 some do well in the mid 30’s Some even say the tolerate the 50 but my guess is they can’t get or have had issues with large doses(1mg) of anastrozole so they just deal with high E2 symptoms rather than find the correct dose of anastrozole to fix their high E2.

The problèm is that i cannt find the correct ai dosage i keep crashing every time i try.by the way i m right now feeling really bad .since i changed to one injection every week and took 0.03 arimidex à day for several days i only had lab for e2(non sensitive cannt have accès to sensitive here)and e2 was low aroud 12 i kept taking ai till next injection thinking that it could raise e2 à lil bit but i think it did not so i stopped it.since that day i still feel bad ,really anxious no erection no morning wood and penis looks smaller when flaccid also really bad sleep i wake up like 10 Times during the night and sleep for max4/ 5 hours.i have no idea if i m still low or if i went high.i Will inject next time tomorrow ,i ll wait à lil bit and and Will get my e2 cheched on monday.i have no prescription for lab exept non sensitive e2 at the moment but i Will try to get more test done if i can convince my doc

Yes, I’m suggesting 25 mg instead of 50 mg. Most of the mass market dhea products will be the normal formulations and not micronized.

I think you’re E2 is related to your T dose. I think it’s unlikely it’s from the dhea.

E2 can trend down on its own. It spikes and then lowers just like T does. and Arimidex has a few day half life, so when you take some, it’s working for up to a week and E may also be trending down the whole time. That’s how some guys crash their E. A little Arimidex doesn’t work after a day or two, so they take some more and then gradually this drags them down as E was drifting down anyways.

I’m not sure how the above paragraph relates to longer esters though. Just something to be aware of I guess - give it time after any ai.

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