Ed Norton's KKKickass Workout

Heya T-freaks. I know this subject has been brought up once before, but I was wondering if any of you had any clue what Norton did training-wise to get ripped out for American History X. He was compeltely f’n shredded. Lata.

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No secret. He was an untrained guy who started training with weights and cleaned up his diet, probably with the aid of a trainer and a personal chef. He likely added a little roids to the mix as actors tend to do for certain roles. (Tom Cruise, Nick Cage, Kevin Costner etc. have all blown up in a short amount of time and then lost it all after the movie was made.)

Off topic, a little: I find in funny that when someone sees a well built person, they always say, “What workout does he do!?” like there’s some big secret.

Ron Harris tells a great story in an article he had in a past paper version of T-mag. A newbie goes up to a pro (I think it was Shawn Ray) and asked in amazement what he does for arms. Shawn looks at the kid and says, “The same thing you do, man. The same thing you do.”

Actors have access to top personal trainers and any drug and anabolic. He might have done both of the above.

he was also in the 145-155 pound range. Not exactly awe-inspiring.

Good call Chris, actually I remember that Shawn Ray quote, quality stuff. J, 155 can look great depending on where you have it and how solid it is. Lata.

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Norton looked OK but shredded?? ha ha ha ha ha I could get peewee herman in better shape if you gave me 3 months