Hey, fellas. I just wanted to chime in. First off, rush7, thanks for calling attention to this supp. I can’t believe I never really paid any attention to it! It seems like a rather potent bad-boy. I’ve been doing a little R&R on it since I came across the post last week. I agree that it seems effectiveness would be optimized with some methoxy isoflavone. I’m not sure yet, but the EAS product looks like it might be decent. Others I think worthwhile(w/o methoxy) were Thermolife’s Ecdysten and Atletika’s Retibol–on several websites this is sold with two other products that are supposedly produced by Atletika but I was unable to locate the like on the Atletika homepage.
Spence…I don’t see why this product would not be acceptable for a 17-year old’s use. I’m not saying go out and get some right now, but because it’s a plant steroid (natural) and is anabolic in nature in that it increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention via non-hormonal means, I don’t see any problems.
I jump on the ecdysterone bandwagon and encourage Biotest to go out, get some and make the best damn product on the market just like they always do! As we all know, though, our guys have quite a bit on their plate…so unless this is part of the new Methoxy product, I wouldn’t hold my breath.