Eat right for your Type

I know most people think that this diet is nothing more than quackery, but I have been on it and am amazed by the amount of fat I’ve lost and how great I feel. I am ripped to the bone… striations like mad, my recovery ability is superb… I think more clearly… well, I guess I could go on and on! Is there anyone else out there that has tried this diet? What have been your results? I really wish that T-mag would change their stance on this diet from calling it “a voodoo diet for fat housewives” and really look into it… I am thouroughly convinced (from my personal experience) that this diet can apply to bodybuilders…

BoogaBrain, I think there may be something to this plan. My massage therapist strongly believes in it and was the one who told me about it. There are some interesting ideas, such as Type O blood types (yours truly) should avoid grains and cow’s milk. I recall Coach Poliquin saying that he doesn’t like grains either for about half his clients.

how much bodyfat did you lose and what specifically did you eat?

I think that a ‘paleolithic’ diet approach makes more sense for everyone: no grains, dairy, legumes, beans, sugars. The reasoning is that our hunter/gatherer forebears just didn’t eat these foods.

I stay around anywhere around 13 to 16 percent BF during the year… I don’t really like dieting one bit because I like to eat… ALOT… But, anyways, I was just looking into it for optimal health and tried it out. I must say, I am alot healthier (no acne, I feel great, hell… my eyes are even bluer)and, well, a great side effect, of course, was fat loss. I haven’t done a skin fold caliper, but I’m estimating I’m around 4 to 6 percent. I’ve lost some size, but I don’t think I’ve lost any muscle, though… I’m hard, not very pumped… I’m type O as well, Teddy… Basically what I eat is alot of meat (organic and lean) eggs, veggies (no potatoes or corn, though) virtually any fruit, and no dairy or grains.

to each his own. every ‘diet’ works…for somebody! congrats on your success!

I’m considering trying this diet, but considering that my eating habits are HORRIBLE, I’m planning on a little experiment. First of all, I need to eat clean for about two months just to see how that works for me. Then, after actually finding out my blood type, I’ll try this diet for a while and see how it goes. However, if I turn out to be type A, I’m almost certain that I’ll violate the recomended servings of meat. I just do see me becoming a vegetarian anytime soon…

Since you didn’t reveal your pre-diet i can only assume it was crappy.The reason T-mag does’nt subscribe to it is because it’s not based on science or sound reasoning.BTW, i have a type 2 diabetic friend who according to this diet should be eating a boat load full of carbs.(yeah ,complex carbs but nontheless carbs.

Actually, Mike, I don’t think my pre diet was all that crappy. I ate 6 meals per day ( alot of chanko, MRPs, potatoes, complex carbs, salads, etc.) Basically I was on a year round diet that is pretty healthy by most standards. I liked staying big and never really wanted to diet (whats the use in seeing all 6 of your abs if you feel like total crap)… Thats where I believe this diet has its merits… Lose fat, and not feel just good, not just Ok, but better!
I definately see your point on it being based on pseudo-science… After all, the book itself didn’t put forth any studies (only made reference to a few) and was written by a naturopath. Does this mean that it is not true? Is something considered to be unfactual because studies have not been submitted to JAMA? You know you mention your friend with type 2 diabetes. Did you know that African Americans (who, predominately have type O blood) are 1.7 times more likely than other races to have type 2 diabetes? Did you know that amongst Native Americans (pure Native Americans are all type O) 45-75 percent have type 2? They, of course, are eating a diet that they haven’t adapted to. You know, in a recent edition of the Scientific American there was a study on the bones of American Indians. What the study concluded was that the bones of the Natives before they were put into missions, forcing them to eat the Spainish diet, were virtually defect- free. The Indian bones after the arrival of the Spainards, were malformed, defected and diseased like crazy… If that isn’t scientific evidence I don’t know what is. What I wanted for T-mag to do is just look into it objectively… perhaps the diet, as it stands currently, is not perfect. And I don’t think it is, by any means a toto… But there is something there worth looking into, at least.
Also, I bet your friend is type A. The diet reccomended for type A’s is full of complex carbs, but the big thing is eating all throughout the day. 6 meals or more. Doing this can keep one insulin sensitive.

I figured I’d jump in on this discussion. I’m a type A and I developed hypoglycemia off of a diet pretty much identical to the one described in ERFYT. I think it’s just a mistake. Most of the people who note having done better on the diet are type O. This lends a lot of a credence to the paleolithic diet in particular. It’s a nice idea, but I don’t believe that blood type has much if anything to do with an optimal diet. A diet lower in carbohydrates is probably better for almost everyone. Also, I’ve yet to meet a type A who fares well on a Type A diet.

Boogabrain: I too believe that there is more to this diet than meets the eye…call it a hunch but the logic behind bloodtypes and ancestry make sense to me. Anyhow, I am a type O+, which means I should primarily adhere to lean meats and avoid dairy and grains, particularly wheat. Now, my questions are these: how does the book classify oatmeal…is it a grain? Could you also post those foods that would be beneficial for my blood type as well as some common ones to avoid. Thanks for the input, guys!

Here’s what Chris Shugart wrote about the diet in reader mail once-

“Thanks for the props, Christian. I’ve only skimmed the book (this is
Chris talking here), but honestly, I just don’t buy the basic premise.
The book says that Type Os (about 45% of the population) should
stick to a high-protein, low-carb diet and “engage in vigorous aerobic
activity” while avoiding whey protein. Type A people (40% of the
population) should become carb munchin’ vegetarians, use only soy
protein and do yoga. I’m serious! Likewise, there are diet suggestions
in the book for the other two blood types, as well. Dr. D’Adamo goes
on to say that sometimes Type As should eat like Type Os. Oh yeah,
and you should eat foods you’re allergic to so that you can boost your
immune system. I don’t buy a bit of it. Sure, there are plenty of
success stories floating around from those who’ve used this program,
but think about it for a second: If someone is eating junk food and
basically not paying attention to their diets, they get results the
moment they begin any calorie-controlled diet, regardless of the
macronutrient particulars! Sure, some people do better on certain
types of diets, but I doubt this has anything to do with blood type. You
could probably apply the same premise to hair color and get the similar
results. What are you doing reading books aimed at the fat housewife
market, anyway? (Just kidding, Christian!”

It’s 100% bullshit and anyone who believes such inane tripe is a fucking moron, as well as completely ignorant of rudimentary molecular and cellular biology.

Paul- that is exactly why I believe that there should be a “T-man” version of the blood type diet. There definately is sound logic behind the PREMISE, but maybe not the PRESCRIPTION of the diet. I think that its something we’ve overlooked. Racer- I’m type O+ as well. The idea behind our diet is no dairy, no grains-- that includes oatmeal… However, there is an exception with grains… you can eat Ezekiel bread ( sprouted wheat bread that you can find at a health food store like Wholefoods) No white potatoes (sweet potatoes are ok) no corn or corn derivatives like maltodextrin, no coffee… thats pretty much the nuts and bolts of it… My basic eating day is I make 3 fruit smoothies with egg yolk protein powder (you can get that at the protein factory) oh yeah, I forgot that brown rice, quinoa, and kamut are ok grains to eat… I’ll make chanko,only instead of using corn I throw in a cooked carrot… chicken breast and steamed veggies, or steak and veggies, lambchops… mmmmm… Thats basically it… If you want more specifics just look it up in Eat Right for your Type as they list pretty much every food that you can and can’t eat… And as for type A’s not doing too well on the diet, I certainly CAN understand why. Before I got the results back as to what my blood type was I said to myself…“I’m gonna do this diet…only if I don’t turn out to be type A” There was no way in hell that I was going to ditch meat and weights for yoga. So, if I tried the type A diet (assuming I was type A) there’s no way I’d stick with it long enough for it to be effective. I’d just find some excuse to stop.

Mikethelib… I’d like to rephrase what you said to: anyone who uses an argument based on “rudimentary cellular and molecular biology” yet makes no attempt to cite specifics as to why a particular diet is illogical within the realm of molecular and cellular biology, is not only a total moron who knows nothing himself about those things, but is also a complete coward that makes a lame attempt to hide behind big fancy words because he’s afraid his life-long conceptual schema will crumble and he’ll be forced to actually think for himself…

Well don’t hold back, Mike, tell us how you really feel. First of all, I didn’t say that I believed in every aspect of the diet. I just think there are certain things about it that may be worth looking into. I guess Coach Poliquin is a “f-ing moron” according to your definition since he uses blood type as one aspect of a diet plan. And no, I’m not on my knees for Poliquin either. I can’t speak for anyone else, but SOME of the ideas have worked for me. I’ll be sure to look for your ideas on training and diet so I can return the “nice compliments.” Have a nice evening.

AMEN Mike the L. What a crock of shit. Your blood type is determined by your parents.Does this mean that type O- the universal donor, can eat whatever the hell they want? HeHe :slight_smile:

HaHa, BoogaBrain- in your rant to Mike the Lib you forgot “believes the government should be about as small as his penis”

I also read that issue of sciam and part of the bone abnormalities were due to burrowing parasites.I also have to say that the presence of the overbearing Spaniards altered their growing and procurement of food resulting in lack of food(they didn’t get enough to eat).Your right there is a disproportionate number of natives with type 2 diabetes and the reason is multifactoral.Most natives lived a nomadic exsistance(today they get very little exercise)in pursuit of food which was nowhere near as plentiful or processed as it is today(they eat too much food whether traditional or not).They adapted to a feast and famine type life so they lay fat down very easy just in case their gonna go through another starvation period.No disrespect to natives but their community has a problem with alcohol(alcohol is relatively new to them so they didn’t have chance to weed out genes associated with alcoholism)and alcohol can destroy your liver through acetate forming fat in the liver and TNFalpha.When cirrhosis sets in ,your liver can’t stop a flood of glucose hitting your blood stream and the end result is high insulin.When you have all of those problems(and more) stacked against you,your gonna have a higher rate of diabetes.

If you REALLY want your noses rubbed into your own shit, then I’m happy to be the guy that does it. Chris tried to do this politely some months ago, but apparently the soft approach didn’t take. Hopefully mine will.

The basic blood types are A, B, AB, and O. These letters refer to the presence (or absence) of certain membrane proteins on red blood cells, with or without associated antigens. The membrane proteins act as tags for the red blood cells, and in no way relate to ANY aspect of nutrition. More forcefully, the proteins involved in digestion, absorbtion, and energy production are 100% identical in people of differing blood types. This is to be expected since the different membrane proteins (or lack thereof) are found ONLY on red blood cells and are therefore completely incapable of affecting the other 99.9% of cells in the human body; in fact, they cannot even affect the operation of the red blood cells themselves (the proteins do not influence the behavior of the red blood cells in the slightest; they just sit on the surface of cells). Therefore, it is completely ludicrous and absurd to suggest that a person’s optimum diet depends on (or is even related to) his or her blood type.

The only possible objection to this analysis is that genes on the same chromosome as the genes for blood type somehow affect digestion, absorbtion, or energy production, but this itself is again ludicrous claim for two main reasons: (1) no differences in any of these parameters have EVER been observed; and (2) cross over in meiosis renders this explanation statistically impossible (this would, for example, transfer the faux genes promoting soy protein digestion from A type to B type, or visa versa, resulting in a distribution where people are no more more likely to do well on one diet than on another).

And as for wanting the government to be the same size as my penis…JESUS, I’m a LIBERTARIAN, not a goddamned SOCIALIST.