EAS Betagen - Wow!

I started a creatine/HMB cycle last week Tuesday. 4/24/01. It has really worked wonders. My workout log definitley shows an increase since then. My weight has gone from 190 to 198, and I still look as lean as I always do. Does anyone have experience with this product? Same results? Did you keep the gain?

Tanner, your results are from the creatine, and would have likely occurred with any high-quality creatine supplement. You’ll lose much, if not most, of the initial weight gain shortly after you stop using it.

Let me ask you one thing? Did you feel like you where on DEca???

Betagen is the most expensive bad tasting cheap juice that was ever created. Put creatine in one of those Tang powders and you have yourself Betagen.

That kinda stinks, because I was hoping I would keep the gains. And I have never used steroids so I am not sure if it is like deca.

Tanner, Tanner…How could it BE?..
That in your innocence, you mentioned HMB?..

D-Bol, or A-Bol or Clomid is fine; Mention "sex"; what a GLORIOUS T-Mag sign!...

Smell of Cootie is acceptable, you see.... But duck and run, my Son, if you mention HMB...

Didn’t catch that one.

LOLOL Mufasa

HMB is not like deca but is effective at high doses of 6 or more grams a day. It works even better with glutamine. If anyone thinks different let me know. BCAA’s don’t feel like deca but we know that they are important in building and sparing muscle tissue. Is HMB up to all the hype or worth the money, who knows but it is beneficial for mass building.

Tanner, what everyone is saying is that they already flushed some money down the drain for HMB and realized that it sucked. The creatine’s fine, but you could probably get the same effects with a high quality creatine supplement. If you stay on the creatine long enough, you’ll see some gains. Also, the next time you want to post on a forum, lurk for a little while so you don’t end up saying something stupid.

Ok Tanner…enough mystery. What everyone is joking about is how supplement mogul Bill Phillips of EAS/Muscle Media coined the term ‘feels like deca!’ when he began marketing his new ‘wonder’ supplement HMB. He said that in an old Muscle Media 2000 mag, and wrote a lengthy sales pitch about the wonders of this new anti-catabolic supplement (HMB) and how, when he took it, it felt like he was on deca! Well, ol’ Bill made a fortune selling HMB, but soon everyone was whispering “Hey, is it just me, or does this stuff totally suck!?”. It became kind of a joke in supplement/bodybuilding circles. Funny thing is, EAS still does a pretty good job shoving HMB sales down newbies’ throats. Well, hey, if Betagen works for you, great! It’s probably just the creatine though…

I think we have a lot of angry HMB “hard on’s” here - Guys, get the info right - HMB does have some positive benefits at about 5-8 grams per day, the problem is it gets too expensive as far as a cost/benefit ratio. I’ve used it at 8 grams a day and noticed less soreness, a true mass gain and better recovery. I’ve dropped it and have found better supps for my money, BUT HMB does work, although I’d rather have Deca.

At 8 grams a day of HMB, you will burp white powder all day! I wouldn’t pay 300$ a month for 8 grams of HMB. There are much more efficient supplement out there that I know will work for a fraction of the price.