Dynamic Lunge Tecnique

Howdy folks.

I’ve never really understood the technique for dynamic lunges.
Actually, it’s worse than that. From what I think I understand, they seem impossible.

As I understand it, you’re supposed to take a large step forward while maintaining a straight back. But in that position, I can imagine only very few people with the explosive power to get back to the original position. Now, if the step forward were more moderate, it would obviously be easier to return to the starting position.

On a related note, I realize that both legs are working during a lunge, but is one of them working more? When returning to the
original position, are you pushing with the forward leg or pulling
with the back leg? Some combination?

Can someone share with me the correct form?

Thanks for your time.

You push back with the front leg and the front leg holds most of the load. I alternate legs and usually don’t do more than 12 reps per set (6 per leg). Start light and build up. It is an amazing exercise that has greatly benefitted my leg program. Also, your back may tilt forward a little, but you’re going to be pretty much upright the whole time.