Dynamic and max effort question

Refering to Dave Tate’s article on how to bench press 600 pounds, What would be the best split and exercises, (for the other bodyparts like the arms, if they’re even needed), to use while incorporating 1 dynamic day and 1 max effort day a week. Also could anyone describe what a board presss is, as i’ve never heard of it before.

Max Bench Day:
Close Grip Bench, Incline Close Grip Barbell Press, Board Press, Floor Press

Barbell Tricep Extension or some tricep exercise 6x5-8

One Arm Dumbbell Press 4x10

Barbell Rows 4x6

Dynamic Day
Flat Bench (3 Grips) 10x3

Dumbell Tricep Extension 6x8-10

Pushdowns 3x10

Rear Deltoid Dumbbell Raises 3x10

Dumbell Rows 5x8

That is just a sample program. Nothing is written in stone. On the Max Effort Day, the assistence exercises are more for strength. On the Dynamic day they are more for muscle endurance.

When doing a Board Press you need to glue like two 2x4 together and you someone holds the board on your chest and you flat bench down to the board, pause on the board, and press back up. Its used to isolate the tricep muslces.
I hope this helps.

first of all no theres no day to work arms you should work your triceps in pressing motions on ME days ie close grips heavy partials 5 board presse and such. and on dynamic do girth training try tri hell by chris taylor what you do is take 2 exersices of tris and spersetr them for 5x10 so 100 reps and as you go on you can add sets but i like to stay around 100
so try skull crushers/dips or reverse grip pushdowns with behind the neck french curls. a board press is 2-5 4x6s and you put them on your chest drop the weight onto the board dont control it so basically a 1-1-x tempo but on a 2 board press we go regular grip and on 3 boards and up we go close. hope that helps i can answer most of your WSB queries. or you can do a search for elitefitness and learn something.

As far as biceps go ME and Dynamic workout should last no more than 1 hour so if you get to 45-55 minute marks and are finished with tricep, shoulder, and lat/upperback work, throw in some biceps at the end. I’ve found that it is almost essential to throw extra 20 minute workouts through out the week(any where from 4-17 extra’s a week, check out deepsquatters archives for an article on extra workouts) and these present a perfect time to through supinated chins into your workout along with reverse curls. remember this not a body building workout so you have to experiment with your own recovery and schedule to know when to throw in exercises for biceps and calves.