Dumbell presses

I wondered how you guys warmed up when using dumbells for benching or shoulder presses.If I’m going to do bench presses for example I’m going to use around about 40 kg bells.I used to just start off light and work my way up over 4 sets or so, but now I’m getting older I wonder if I should warmup my back and biceps specifically too as this is quite alot of weight for them to hoist up and I don’t want to pull muscles etc. I was thinking of training chest with back whenever I use bells so I can incorporate warmups into my back routine too and avoid having to do sets on my back when it is already sore.Any ideas?

Ever try POWERHOOKS - T-mag had an article on this. I have a set and they work pretty good, allowing you to “rack” them on your barbell for increased flexibility.

How do you get them to your chest.
I sit them on my thighs and just lie back the dumbells are just where i want them all i have to do is internally rotate my arms and push up.
I wouldnt think youd need to warm up anything but muscles used in bench

shoulder presses however are a different story
With shoulder presses I sit them further forward on my knees and then forcefully bring my knees up to my chest.
this is quite difficult especially with a weight over my 6 rep max
It might do you good to do some warmups for hip flexors (couple of situps) biceps and back if you feel the need and you do it my way.

alot of guys get the weight handed to them at shoulder level idont like this cause I think its a “soft” way to train but it may help you.