Dumbass Correction

This morning there were to rather large and regular guys working out in the gym. They were doing legs (something they seldom do) and left the hack and leg press loaded. They left six plates on the hack machine and 12 on the leg press, not that impressive or hard to unload. Unforturnately I did not see this until after they were gone. These gentleman will no doubt be there Sunday. How do I say something with out starting a fight, thus getting the shit kicked out of me?

We’re living in a society here–George Castanza

Go up and thank them…tell them after they left all the weight on there some hot chick came up and asked you to help her unload the machine and that you ended up with a phone number. Tell them she asked why they would leave it loaded and that you couldn’t come up with any reason at all.

I have made it my personal mission in life to make people rerack their weights correctly. At least twice a day I have to confront someone. So far no one has bowed up to me. I’m loud and try to shame them, and most are embarrassed and just rack it and leave. Usually I say something along the lines of “YOU didn’t do one full rep with form the whole time you were in here, and now you’re too tired to unload the damn bar?! From now on why don’t you just skip the halfass workout and just work on loading and unloading the weight correctly.”

Anyway, good luck.

Tell the manager of the gym to start doing his job and tell them to put the weights back when they are done with them. I hate that crap too.

Who gives a flying fudge? In my gym, this is an everyday thing. I guess if you’re used to a “fitness” center where everyone returns their weights to the same spot, then it’s a real hassle. But when you’re used to this thing, it’s really not a big deal. You should come train in my gym where just finding some plates or dumbbells is a workout in itself. But it’s all good. Cheap, smelly, dirty, and hardcore just like a two dollar hooker!

I find the guys who don’t unload their bars or machines are definitely not the hardcore lifters. They are usually the guys who do halfass workouts and then constantly talk about how strong they are and how they could kick anyones ass.

I HATE THIS SHIT! Only because if I am looking for a certain plate or dumbell it is not were it should be. I deal with this all the time. I talked to people about it in the gym to bring down the number of affenders. This is what I say to someone who is watching me put away someone elses weights, “Ya know, we all played this game in elementary school… putting the little triangle pieces in the triangle holes, the rectangles in the rectangle slots, everyone is capable of putting this crap away. Put the 5’s with other 5’s, 10’s with other 10’s, so on and so forth. If you are not strong enough to put the plates and dumbells away - you shouldn’t be lifting them!” They agree, and I make one less affender of basic gym rules. Also, when someone leaves the weights on a rack or dumbells on the floor, walk up right behind them and start picking up after them. It makes them feel like a child (but be sure they are finished, because if you interupted my superset or drop sets, that is a quick way to get a flying dumbell in the brain-housing-group :slight_smile: I honestly have no problem unracking someone elses weights inbetween sets to work on grip strength, but it is the principle… MOST IMPORTANT, LEAD BY EXAMPLE. If you want other to comply, you should not be a hypocritical.

who cares! It isn’t any harder to pull the plates off a leg press rather than a weight tree.

No offense, but that sounds sort of petty to me. It’s not like they left it in an unusable state. It might not have been the most considerate thing in the world to have done, but I certainly don’t think it is worth confronting someone about a day later. Maybe the machine’s were already loaded when they walked up to them. I consider not returned leaving dumbbells to the rack and leaving them strewn throughout the gym a much more irritating act, but even then I rate it about the same as someone not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign - no big deal.

I work out in a “pit” and I can assure you if you want to keep working out there you will rack your weights. Its childish immature irresponsible and shows a total lack of respect for the others in the gym. If you want to work out in a pig pen build a garage gym and leave the rest of alone.

Our gym you get one heres how we do it here, one friendly reminder, one “what do you think you are doing” and then you are gone, we dont need your money that bad.

I would have gotten my ass kicked if I left the plates on the bar back in the day. It’s very disrespetful. I’ve already helped the nice housewife lady who was confronted with 100’s left on the leg press. Unless you own the gym, clean up after yourself.

My gym is a stye. Find a dumbbell? Hahah. There all over the place. Well except anything above 70’s. I put plates away but not in the right spots. I mean I would put them in the right spots but that would mean about 10 mins of unloading and loading 90 other plates. It bugs me but it’s not a huge thing. However leaving that many plates on the leg press is nuts. That’s almost a finisher after a workout. Heheh. :slight_smile:

It went something like this. Yesterday, I racked your weights for you off the leg press and hack machine. Oh? did we leave them loaded? Yeah, merry xmas. I went back to my work out they left. I think they go the point. Thanks for the comments.