Dr. Dipasquale

I just saw a picture of him posted at Poliquin’s homepage, wearing a Tank-top. He’s giving a seminar soon, but HOLY SHIT. He’s friggin JACKED. I didn’t know he was so huge. I find it hard to believe he’s not on “something”. Does he really just live on the Anabolic Diet? He seriously looks huge and ripped, and for his age.

I don’t know anything about what he currently
does personally, but Dr DiPasquale is well
known as a steroid expert. There is also the
fact that he is an exceptional athlete.

I don’t know what he uses either. But, I met Dr. Bruce Nadler and he looks phenominal. He is in his 50’s and uses 200mg test per week and 1/2-1 IU of gh in the morning and again at night. He can get you legit scripts for this protocol.

Where onm his web page is this photo? I just went for a look and couldn’t find it!

“Ananbolic Diet” is right! Plently of anabolics in that diet. HEHEHE

Wrecker, go to the seminar section, Think it says seminar March 17. Then click on Dr. Dipasquale’s bio, scroll down the page and the picture is there.