Dr. Darden, is this a piece of equipment that was part of Nautilus

Never seen one of these before


It looks very similar to the Hip and Back machine.

The gym that first got Nautilus about as soon as they became available got the Pullover Machine (cable driven and weight carrier for plates) and the Biceps/Triceps Machine (cable driven and weight pins for plates). Once the first Hip and Back Machines were available the gym bought that one. It looked very much like the picture, but maybe sturdier.

I saw a seated row machine, not a hip/back machine in the video???

The fella that posted this on FB told me it was fabricated from a nautilus pulldown

I only saw the black and white photo when I opened the Facebook link. I didn’t see a video. There is the fact that I am not much at navigating Facebook.

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Thats interesting…the link does not open for you?

i am able to open by clicking it

then again i am not tech savvy either

Not that I would be a standard to make a decision, but when I click on the picture, I get a larger picture of that picture of what looks like a Nautilus Hip and Back Machine.

I see…you don’t see a video

Link didn’t open for me either. I just end up in Facebook, looking at my usual feed.

Ok, thats weird to me

Sorry to everyone