Does Anyone Recognize This Machine?

Found this on Facebook. I’ve never seen one or even heard of one being mentioned. Maybe it’s more common than think?

One was sold in 2020 on govdeals for $303.00 5 station with what looks like 200 lb stacks. 2 stations on either sde of the “wall”, one on the end. Chest/shoulder, lower back, triceps/biceps, legs, and rotary torso. Was sold by a school system so I imagine they were marketed to schools to run a PE class or team through a good workout in a short amount of time. Hence the name.

This multi-station machine was made by Nautilus in 1987 and was marketed to high schools and country-club type gyms. I don’t believe more than several hundred were ever sold.

Thank you for responding @Ellington_Darden! I have 20 gen I and gen II machines, which took a few years to acquire. I had never ran across one of these machines before.
On another note, I recently spoke to someone who knew you while you were working with Jones in the 70’s. Do you remember Paul Gabbard?

Yes, I remember Paul well. He was a college student and he wasn’t afraid of hitting an intense workout.

He spoke highly of you. He commented on your work ethic. He stated that you were always writing. Paul had 3 nautilus facilities at one point. He now owns a set of Medx machines in a personal gym that he allows his employees to use. He even pays them to workout. Paul still has an impressive physique.

Is it possible they made one with a leg press. I am pretty sure my chiropractor had one in his gym/ strength training.

On the old forum, I posted an image of a Nautilus Time Machine I was able to see. This was around 2010 as a weight training store (now out of business) was selling it. I cannot recall the asking price - I want to say it was close to $3K at that time. I did try lightly try out a few of the exercises. Interesting if not odd piece of very big equipment.

Interestingly enough, I have found a second one for sale after posting about the one above. Definitely a huge piece. Not something I would buy, but cool to see nonetheless. I love these old machines.

We used to have one at Cannons Gym in London in the diet studio (where people were put through a program " roughly" based on Dr Darden’s Nautilus Diet book.