Dough Hepburn training

Anyone trained the dough Hepburn way

Have any info on it

Or do you have any different ways to train instead of straight sets and top sets

I feel adding one rep on a low rep set for more set would be magic

I mean on overhead press u can surely lift heavy

I believe it’s fair to say many of us have, at least began, the Hepburn Method. As CT always cautioned, it definitely isn’t for those who enjoy variety as each cycle is agonizingly slow to progress but definitely worthwhile if it fits your psychological profile.

If you’re looking for information on it, go to. and search Hepburn Layering for Strength and Size.

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Could I do dough Hepburn 8*2 added Ng one re each workout for squats?

Are you asking if you could use the 8x2, adding a repetition at each session for squats? Yes, particularly if you prefer low reps. This article was CTs spin on it.

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I’m doing for ohp and I love it I feel so strong