Doing Dumb Stuff as a College Kid

Hey guys, inspired by the one and only @T3hPwnisher, I decided to start a massing phase/run hard programs.

Currently in my last week of 531 BBB Beefcake. I plan to run Building the Monolith, Super Squats, and Deepwater Beg/Adv in that order.
I plan to use this log to record all of my lifting sessions. Open to any advice! Come follow me for the journey!
Current weight: 175lbs
Current eRMS:
SSB ATG: 280
rebuilding squat because of good morning squat issues
Bench: 210
Deadlift: 375
OHP: 147.5

Background (for anyone who’s interested):

Grew up a fat kid. In eighth grade, decided to lose a bunch of weight and my dad got me started on a dumbbell lifting routine. Freshman year of high school, I joined a bjj gym at 14. Being a whooping 145lbs of skinny fat 14 year old, I got manhandled by everyone in the gym. I learned I needed a lot of mental toughness to keep going back to roll with adults. There was no kids class. This started my love of philosophy when my coach suggested I read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

Sophomore year, I starting wrestling for my school. I wasn’t bad but I wasn’t winning every match. I can gladly say I was one of the hardest workers in the room. The summer leading in junior year, I got my blue belt. This was monumental for me. Someone videoed me getting the belt and my coach explaining I started at 14 and only had adults to train with. Then, he talked about how I overcame lots of self doubt, etc (I don’t mean to run on about this but it was kind of the turning point for me in my life). When I’m feeling down about anything, I watch that video.

Enter junior year, I found 5/3/1 and ran it while wrestling. Both times I went to state, I kept losing the match that would have made me at least place by one point. The summer of junior year, I tore my right shoulder’s labrum. This made me quit wrestling in my senior year because the injury was just bad. In the long run, this was the smartest thing I did because I didn’t do more damage to it.

Senior year, I kept doing BJJ because I had better control over what happens to me. Come February, I quit BJJ because I was all in. My coach told me if I didn’t change something, one day I would just wake up as a loser who could grapple well. This was my get it together moment. While I miss the guys I train with, it was great for my mental health. Seriously, I got to a point where before a training session I would almost throw up because of the amount of pressure I put on myself and it was even worse before a competition.

I graduate high school at 165lbs and decided to focus more on lifting. This allowed me to achieve more balance than being hyper focused on BJJ. This pretty much brings us to current day. If anyone wants to know more, ask away!


This is outstanding dude! Hope it works out well for you. You’re going to get huge.

How tall are you?

5’8” in real life. 5’9” in my head

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Dude, you got it backwards: you always want to be SHORTER, because then you’re MORE jacked when you look at bodyweight, haha.

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Lmao. Fair enough. A lot of people ask if I play football. They always look disappointed when I say I wrestled. No love for it in the south

BBB Beefcake: W6D4

Deadlift 305x5 (deadstop)
Deadlift BBB: 240x5x10 (Touch-n-go)
Reverse Hypers: 170x30
Walrus Circuit (20lb vest) x 5
3 Pull ups
5 Push ups
10 90 deg. back raises

Done in ~50 minutes
• Learned to stop stiff legging all my deadlifts. Speed feels incredible
• Shoulders feel beat up from benching yesterday
• Lost count of # of bw pull-ups done during deadlift sets
• I really like the fact that with 531 I can hit my lifts even after getting over a small stomach bug

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Definitely in for this log. More Pwn-inspired wrestlers is always a good thing.


Just looked at your log. Congrats on earning a spot in college to wrestle! That’s awesome!

It’s just a club team - sounds much more impressive than it is, lol. I appreciate the sentiment though.

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That’s really impressive of him since it runs counter to his immediate interests. Good on you for pulling it off.

I wrestled in NC - I hear you!

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Holy cow, me too!

Holy cow, very nearly me too!

Hope you find some success going for balance. Sometimes, balance comes from periodization: 100% in one direction and 0% in another for 6 months and then reverse course for 6 months means ending up back in the middle.


he is a super solid guy. always told people to go live their life because grappling will always be here later on


balance through extremes. Love that blog post



155x15 SSB right into 135x10 Yukon bar squat right into KB Front Squats x 12 (2 35lb kettlebell)


Like I told @creative_name when his log popped up awhile back, I don’t know anything about wrestling, but I love to see young guys get it right from the start.

I’m in for this!


@T3hPwnisher, quick question, for super squats, since I can’t use a straight bar, should I use the SSB or a buffalo bar?

I would go Buffalo Bar. Strossen gives that a thumbs up. Too easy to cheat with the SSB

Thanks. Figured I would switch into the Buffalo Bar for my BtM run to get used to it for SS.

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BBB Beefcake: W6D5

95x3x10 then 4x5
total of 50 BOR with 135lbs
25 Knees to cheat on bar
70 poundstone curls
25 band pushdowns
total time: ~40 min

started with a plate and a quarter
circuit with prowler:
high handles
backwards sled drag
high handle
low handle
rest 2 minutes

total of 3 rounds
1st round with plate and a quarter and last 2 with just a plate


Just off the top of my head, you got:

  • A prowler
  • An SSB
  • A Yukon Bar
  • Kettlebells
  • A Weighted Vest
  • A Reverse Hyper

Wherever you’re training, you have a pretty awesome amount of tools for this type of work. I’m jealous, lol

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