I’m curious to know if there are any dog people out there. If so what type of dog do you have and do you participate in any dog sports with it? My wife and I rescue dogs here in Ontario, Canada. I’m always interested in hearing about other peoples dogs and what they do with them.

I have lots of wiener dogs. I just like to look at them and touch them. Sometimes I like to get a couple of them together and touch them at the same time. I know this is a little off topic, but I also enjoy sheep. Hard to find a good pair of velcro gloves and knee pads though.

My girlfriend and I are arguing over what type of dog to get. She wants a mastiff, I want a pit bull. I owned one a while ago, and despite alot of the bad press they can be excellent dogs. He was more loyal and affectionate then my lab or my golden retriever. I may settle for a boxer instead… but I have to talk her out of the mastiff.

What kind of dogs do you rescue?

I have a black lab & a border collie. Two awesome dogs they are. We run together, play fight & they pull me on my bike, that’s the best. It’s also a great workout for them!

I have a lab that I duck hunt with. I don’t know if that is a sport but for the dog it is. Labs are some of the best dogs in my opinion.

I got a Rottie. Only sport he does is chasing anything that moves.

I had the best little pit bull in the world. They can be hard to handle, and I will never get another one again - unless I raise it from a VERY young puppy. However, they are great dogs who have gotten a bad rap over the years, if you have the time and experience I’d recommend one.

Have an Akita for home protection and an American Bulldog for Schtzund sport. Great dogs in each of their own way.Akita is trained
weighs 110 lbs and is great with kids and older folks he is strictly indoors. AB is also trained and runs with me I average 12-15 miles a week, he weighs in at a lean 85lbs.Pulls a
cart loaded over 350 for fun and exercise, thats not much compared to weight pull dogs that can pull 3x that amount but it keeps him in shape.

We rescue mostly pitbulls. The local shelter calls us whenever they get dogs they are unsure of. We take them in and test there temperment and if they pass, find them homes. To Michelle and the others who posted about pitties, yes they are a phenomenal dog. In fact out of 130 breeds tested by the American temperment testing societ, pitbulls finished third ahead of both labs and retrievers. Rotties actually finished high as well as did american bulldogs. To those who are interested in a pitbull, do your homework. Never have more than one at a time and it should be your only dog. Socialize the hell out of it with people, children and dogs and then after about a year of age do not let it play with other dogs again. Pitbulls are bread to fight. It is a self rewarding activity and once it happens once they will want to do it again. Pitties are a confident dog and will not usually go looking for a fight, but if challenged by another dog they will not back down and will not lose. If your pittie gets attacked at the dog part and hurts another dog it won’t matter who attacked who. The bottom line will be you are the horrible pitbull owner. Save yourself the hassle and keep your pittie away from other dogs. They are truly the ultimate gladiator and the most tenacious animal on earth. Having said this they are genetically predisposed to being friendly towards people. Old time dog men would put down man biters as they could not afford to get bitten when breaking up dog fights. They are great with children and probably the most loyal of breeds. They are also fantastic athletes and accel at fly ball, agility, shutshund, therepay work, rescue and are tops in weight pulling. I love most breeds of dog, but I can honestly say pitties are hands down my favourite. The media attack against pitbulls is very sad. Many of the reported attacks are not even pitbulls, but using the pitbull name creates much more sensationalism. A recent example is the case in San Fransisco where the woman was killed by two dogs. Many media sources have said they were pitbulls when in fact they were presa canairios. This is a rare mastiff type breed from europe that is unrelated to pitbulls. They are a large, powerful dog often used in protection work. Like any breed they can be a great dog. There are no bad dogs, just bad people. A dog is what you make it.

I have an English pointer (75 lbs. of lean, coiled steel! He can jump like nothing I’ve ever seen). My roommate has a boxer/blue-heeler mix that alot of people think is a pit.
He’s a really sweet dog, but I’ve seen him nasty and I’d wet my pants if he were coming at me.

Cool posts. My dog is my best friend for real.
Everything comes secondary to him.

Got me a siberian huskey,… georgous dog, had em for 8 years now, total chick magnet. Never seen a dog jump over 3 dogs at a time before, and man is he fast! Starting to slow a little now with age, and lemme tell ya, its not a terrible thing! -lol

My wife and I have an Australian Shepherd. Great dog, very smart, doesn’t bark at all, unless something is really wrong (as opposed to labs which bark at the sky, the grass, etc.). She is athletic and a lot of fun. Great dogs - I recommend them.

I have a yellow lab who is 9 months old and weighs in at 70+lbs and he has a huge head! He is gonna be a big boy, Ive seen his parents and they are huge! He is a great dog and doesn’t bark at everything like Oak says!

Haha,do u all feed your dogs like how TC does?

Actually I’m worse than T.C. My four get fresh ground beef, salmon, ground carrots, green beans,sunflower oil and a dry mix of oatmeal, brown rice, barley, flax and a few other grains. It cost me a fortune to make there food, but they all look great. All four are lean and muscular and full of energy. I’m am truly one of those pathetic dog owners who treat there dogs like children.Oh well, at least they won’t grow up to be smart ass, inconsiderate, ungrateful, know it all little basterds.

2 black labs and a rescued half golden-half samoyed.

I have two dogs the first is a male 225 pound English Mastiff, the second is a prize winning male Fila Mastiff that weighs in excess of 215 pounds.

My dog is half golden and half chow - awesome combination. Great for personal protection and easy to train – exceptional obedience dog. Because of the chow attitude I made a point to heavily socialize her when she was young - but, like Magnus said about pitbulls, I can’t have her around other dogs. She looks like a very young golden, but she can be very scary when the situation demands.

I love dogs, but I’m alergic to them. So, we have four parrots and a prairie dog. Is it okay that I post about this here? All of our parrots talk. Especially Yoshi (African Grey) - and he sounds like either me or my boyfriend. And he imitates the door closing (he does this when he sees us getting raedy to leave), the phone ringing and answering machine “beep”, the DVD player, the microwave, all of our other birds and our prairie dog’s (her name is Tater, like Tater Tot) “yahoo” like bark and other dog’s barking and cat’s meow. Ko (boyfriend) recently taught Yoshi to say “did you poop?”. Took him only a week - now that’s Yoshi’s favorite line (and he sounds just like Ko). After, “wanna beer?”, “wanna cookie?” and oodles and oodles of other stuff. There’s Kato (Umbrella Cockatoo) who right now, is saying “hello”, “bye-bye” and JoJo (Citron-crested Cockatoo), who can say “Here, kittykitty” and then meows like a cat. Oh, he also says “polly want a cracker?” and “bye-bye” - and he waves bye to you, too. Kiwi, our love-bird, talks, too. We have a rather schizoid household at times…