Does Weed Hurt Lifting Progress?

Of course I realize THC and exercise aren’t usually in the sane chat.
However, some of us utilize thc products for medical conditions nothing else helps.

I therefore must ask if anyone here who is actually at let’s say at least a 1000lb total, use medical or recreational weed?

Like I say, I’ve a condition. This stuff has changed my life. Over three decades without proper pain control then I find this Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) while vacationing on the west coast…… pain is now managed sooooo much better it’s impossible to quantify the quality of life change.

I notice no difference with lifting but certainly wouldn’t do it stoned either.
The stuff all has anti-inflammatory properties and there’s allegedly a ton of other Heath benefits.
What I think we need is something that can sort out what, if any effects Marijuana has ok ones Training.
Other than munchies causing a nutrition problem I can’t imagine it hurts anything.
Above my pay grade.

One of the biggest pot heads I have known has totaled over 2100 lbs raw with wraps in the 242 lb weight class.

I won’t use that as evidence that THC has no negatives as far as lifting goes, but it seems to me that it is probably not a huge detriment if there is a negative impact.


didn’t seem to hurt his progress


Arnold even admitted to inhaling it.


In strongman, even talking with and being around some top guys, I get the impression most guys do more weed than steroids. I don’t think it hurts strength or growth…

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Its great for bulking! I have a medical card for it. Hasn’t hindered my performance at all. My biggest gripe is the munchies I get, especially now that I’m cutting.

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It’s legal where i’m at, so easy to get reasonably high quality edibles. I’ve found no negative impact. I imagine smoking could impair performance at some point.

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I am just above the 1000 lb total (BP + Squat + DL) at a bodyweight of 170 lbs. I don’t use it much anymore, but I would use weed about 3x a week at the end of the day. Not a huge amount, and I wouldn’t smoke it but use a dry herb vaporizer. It helped me sleep, recover, and relax and I would wake up physically refreshed. I don’t think it hurt my performance at all, as I could also run 10 miles any given day.

There are negatives, though. I mostly stopped/cut way back because it would give me a bit of brain fog which was no good for my job. It also gave me the munchies, although I would crave healthy food. It could cause anxiety depending on the specific day.

A lot of guys drink beer/alcohol, which is far worse for lifting progress than weed.


I got all smoked up once and got pinned twice, and eliminated from a regional wrestling tournament.

Did not give two shits though, so :man_shrugging:t2:.

Still don’t.


This is precisely the type of responses I’d expect from honest people, thank you all.
What I’m hearing is that no responders personally experienced detrimental effects from using THC.
Good. Didn’t think so.
I got a medical card finally for pain treatment and it helps so much I’ll not stop without a suitable substitution. However, if it would impede anything I’d want to know.
As it stands I’m using 0.1mg off extract at night usually on a gummy while vaping flower with live sugar added…. This treats my chronic pain and sometimes a migraine saving other things. I’ve also found low dose (5-10mg ea) gummies to help with anxiety during daytime.
TBH I feel it’s a very under utilized mode of treatment for a bunch of issues. People still have its demonized portrait of hooligans in a dark alley sucking a roach Clíp i guess.
If using cannabis added inches to a guy supply could never keep up now could it. But because it helps things less quantifiable like pain or anxiety then it must not be the best thing for the job it seems is how many view it.
Personally I’d vote for 100% recreational growing and use for anyone of legal age to buy and use as much as they wish.
If a substance helps relieve physical pain, add the stuff I use does, then it should by God be 100% the same regulation level as Tylenol IMO.
Tylenol - I’m allowed to have 8 per day. If I choose four at a time that’s my choice. All these things are so much more about choosing quality of life rather than getting stoned for fun. But if you wanna do it JUST for fun then by all means toke it up IMO.
I’ll make my choice, everyone else makes their own - all good :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies im happy to know sanity on this topic won.

Of course the question about a drug was posed where many are on a cycle :roll_eyes:

Ya all take care

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It’s great that you’ve found some relief. :+1:


It do be like that sometimes though :laughing:

I’ve never liked pot for pain (I have chronic pain). I found it made me concentrate on the sensatations I’d be feeling… if that sensation is pain… then I concentrate on it more

However found it made not care as much about the pain… because I didn’t care as much about everything

This is just me. Many like yourself have found pain relief from it.

I also found it makes me less motivated/ok with being bored. When I use, it’s only at night after work, on a weekend and with friends etc.

It certainly makes everything funnier. I have no moral qualms about people using it, but by no means do I think it is ‘good’ for most people.

Family member of mine with terminal cancer swears by pot for pain though (decreased opiate intake, restored appetite). But if you are dying… does it really matter what your morphine equivalent daily dose is?

There are different subtypes of pain. I suppose it depends what type of pain you have as to whether it helps or not.

Next time you guys are stoned


Listen to this

It’s a masterpiece…

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Put a warning in that audio!
Sounds like a kindergartner with a recorder thing :confused: ugh :neutral_face:
That hashed my mellow bro :confused:

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That is the crux of it.

My one older cousin came back from Viet Nam and he was pretty scrambled. He self medicated with heroin and booze, which only further damaged any attempts at building a decent life. Fortunately he got into recovery in 1985 and has somewhat dealt with a lot of the core issues that were causing him problems.

So, yeah, I agree with you that the VA could do a better job of caring for the people who served.

Lol it says “shittyflute” in the title.

Shittyflute is a very accurate representation.
I didn’t see that :confused:

Hello s_afsoc,

I guess that depends on a lot of things.
Like moderate or chronic usage?

For stress and inflammation?
I use green tea, a reputable CBD, and
Melatonin (night time) after dinner, and another at BT if needed.
I also cut down my DHEA to only 14.5 mg.

Hmmm da’ Weed?
Let’s say someone was using weed too enthusiastically and it had very high THC content? Would TT/ E2 labs be impacted?
Also if that user was a mature iron pounder… <maybe factor that in to?
How is their Immune system?
On and on from what I’ve read…cough, cough.

The bottom line. Everything in moderation.
If a person is using too much ganja and decides to stop, for whatever reason? They would most likely feel their body’s “endocannabinoid receptors” lurching forward searching for what was missing?
Detox at that point is not a fun emotional roller coaster is all I’ll say, but can be managed if you have the foresight.

Food for thought links:

  1. If cannabis becomes a problem: How to manage withdrawal - Harvard Health

  2. Chronic smoking of weed study and it’s effects in stomach.
    Cannabis & The Gut: Does Weed Heal Or Harm?

I changed a few things and labs don’t lie, but then situations and results vary from person to person.

Stay cool,

Like almost anything, moderation is key.

I personally smoke a little, a couple times per week.

I don’t like being stoned socially at all, so for me it’s at the end of the day, everything is done, I’m watching an hour of TV to wind down and I’ll take a couple hits off a little pipe.

I sleep better and feel great over the next day or two. It’s like a glass of whiskey for a nightcap, but without the shitty sleep and waking up to pee.

I’m sure smoking daily, multiple times throughout the day or eating a constant stream of edibles would be detrimental.

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if i take weed my next day workout is garbage. no focus. this shit feminizes you.
any pain I have - weed makes it worse. I rarely (2x month) enjoy the relaxing effects of a good indica/CBN gummy.
I hate all the semi-synthetic stuff (d8, hhc etc) hemp derived garbage. you need the real cannabis.

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