Does This Make Me The Bad Guy?

Someone brought in stuff for nachos last week and left 2 bags of unopened tortilla chips in the break room. They’re free game, this kind of thing is common where i work.

Its never a problem if someone brings in pizza or donuts or other food. I can just ignore it and move on.
But it’s chips… my salty, crunchy weakness that has no healthy alternatives to scratch the itch.
I’m fucking craving these chips, and they’re right there, in arms reach…

One bag went away last week, but the other bag was still sitting there, tempting me.

It went untouched yesterday and is still there today, closed.

Now before anyone says anything about “just have a small handfull to curb the craving, its not that many calories”…
Bro 7 chips are 150cals. My coach dropped me down 120cals from last week, and 7 chips isn’t satisfying these carnal urges.

Every time I go into the break room - I want to eat all of it. My resolve is fading and i can tell the barrier is that people dont feel comfortable opening the bag.

So I opened the bag…
Left it on the table…
Then grabbed my stuff and left.

It will be gone by the time I get in to work tomorrow for sure.

TL;DR: I just sabotaged a bunch of people into eating unhealthy foods they otherwise wouldn’t eat, so I could stay on diet and not be tempted.

I’m pretty sure this makes me a baddie.


Its fine. They make their choices. You make yours.

Thats where your power resides.

Why not just throw it in the trash?

No. You did the exact right thing.

Salty-crunchy is my achilles heel, too. There’s a bag of unopened chips from Memorial day in the house and it’s whispering to me at night. I’m putting them out with the trash tomorrow.

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Repent your sin and find Jesus


Better them than you. I mean if you fall into temptation and become a fat pig like them, who will protect the weak and the poor? You did them a favor and they owe you.

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Not my chips, feels wrong to throw something away that i didnt buy and was meant for everyone.

Not the asshole. But if you wanted . . .



Not yours but you opened them without the intention of eating them. You obviously felt you had some right to impose your patriarchal feelings on the chips.


Just think of the character building opportunity you gave your fellow workers.

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I feel your pain, if it’s just normal tortilla chips I would pass this test. However if it’s salsa verde variant there is no way I am not eating a chip and certainly not stopping at just 7 chips!


Once again an incendiary thread started by @Andrewgen_Receptors - just can’t leave well enough alone. I will be haunted by this moral dilemma for the rest of the day.


Don’t assume you understand the goals of others. They may be bulking.


I would have crushed that bag and then went and hit legs!!!

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I thought it was an ethical issue.

There are no ethics in the workplace. It’s a hive of scum and villainy.

Spoken like someone who worked in a kitchen.

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It’s never been an issue there - we all have free acess to food, so we find different ways to sabotage each other.

The corporate lunchroom trope is foreign to me. I only know about it by watching that documentary “The Office.”

It’s simple: fat people bringing in fat people food in order to not feel guilty about eating fat people food. And it isn’t stealing if you don’t get caught.