Do you say your prayers before you Deadlift?

OK so the name of the topic is probably just a little over the top.
I start off with a set of 15 and get down to 2 and always before my last set (heaviest weight) i get real nervous and cant help but think about, what if? Do you guys ever do this. Does this type of negative thinking affect performance? My father injured his back at work a few years ago and i can see the sort of effect it still has on him. Since i am still 20, back pain is something i DEFINATELY want to avoid. Today before my last i couldnt help but look at the weight and walk around the gym like a 100 meter sprinter before a race. Is this type of thinking normal?

I am actually more scared of the 5-8 reps sets on deadlifts then sets of 1-2 reps. Try doing a deadlift workout of 5 sets of 5 with the same heavy weight for all sets, or the 1-6 program and you will understand what I mean. Any of those 5 rep and up sets with a decent weight knocks the shit out of you.

I find 1-2 reps easy because it’s jus 1-2 reps and your done.

It is normal if you are sane…lol. If you watched the Olymics 100 meter, you’d have seen Maurice Green walking around licking his mouth a lot. Greeen is the best in the world and he gets nervous.

I worked out at one of the best powerlifter of the '80, Bennett Clayton. Clayton still ranks in the top 50 Best Lifter of that era.

Clayton was about to try and double 770 in the squat weighing 245 lbs. We loaded the bar. I looked around for Clayton…didn’t see him and ask where he was. One of the other spotters said he was outside throwing up…before his attempt. Clayton was very cool under pressure but 770 definitely had him psyched. Clayton came back in and punched out 2 reps with 770.

Even the big boys like Green and Clayton get a little nervous. How you channel it is what matters.


Good job. I enjoyed that!..(Joey Z.)

I don’t pray before a lift but I do pace back-and-forth. I did a rare deadlift routine on last leg day and pulled 315# for the 1st time. No big deal for most but it was for me. I’d been doing 225x10 but failed on every previous attempt at 315 (couldn’t separate it from the floor). So I just stalked around, got my head clear, sank into position and pulled. Came right up nicely. I even stood there for a while before I realized it was up. Of course I also realized that I was going to have to put it down again and was hoping that I didn’t crash. Sat it down with some grace and it was done. Pretty cool. Another barrier passed. Next: squat 315.

A lot of people will say that it’s bad to think what if… But in my mind, it’s normal. The thing is once you get under the bar (or your hands on the bar), every thought has to be towards success. No negative thoughts during the rep! With deads singles, I feel the risk of injury is fairly low, because you probably won’t be able to get the weight off the floor if it’s too heavy. However, if you’re on the last set at the same weight, just concentrate on form.

Just remember to have your belt on tight when you deadlift or squat. This will keep your back from getting hurt.

you guys arent doing the mixed grip are you?

I do a mixed grip on my top sets. I make sure to switch hands between sets, and also between workouts.