DNP or Winny

So I’ve heard a lot about DNP lately, maybe because I was looking for a new route of getting ripped in time for the summer, or maybe because it’s a new big deal? Which is it, I don’t know. I know the basic details, so I don’t need an in-depth explanation of the physics, and I also know it’s extremely dangerous. I was just wondering what anyone who’s tried it can say about it, and if it’s a good idea (without ODing on it and killing myself). And if you don’t agree with DNP, will a short cycle (4 weeks) of 100mg of winstrol (with 50mg clomid/day, and is the clomid necessary?) a day have some hardening and tummy-busting effects? (by maintaining 3300cal/day high prot. diet) Right now I’d say I’m at 195lbs and 10%bf.

The clomid isn’t necessary with Winny. 3300 cal/day is probably about right though. I’d stick with the Winney, safe and very effective.

dnp makes you feel like you re poisoning yourself…you really feel horrible.It is classified as a poison. It even has a death-skull on it.