Seriously considering DNP

I’m going to FL in exactly a month for spring break. I want to get shredded by then. While my fat is not bad now (190lbs, 9 or 10% bf), I’m sure everyone here understands that I want under 6%. I really value the opinions on this board, they’ve helped me a lot in the past. Ok, enough of the bullshit. It would take me around 2 weeks from today to get the DNP. That leaves me 2 weeks to use it, which means one 9 day cycle (at 200mg/day). I know it’s a poison, and literally will kill me at a high enough dose, but will it do the job (of course in conjunction with a 3100 cal/day diet with around 300grms protein/day and less than 100grms of carbs)?

Too damn dangerous for me. I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Allow me to seriously discourage anybody from using it unless you plan on making a pesticide or dynamite. You could get MD6 now, why not use it? Pretty effective, far less dangerous.

Here’s another thing to consider, though
it’s only based on one case. The one time
I met Dan Duchaine as at the Arnold in 1998…
he happened to be staying in the same hotel
and happened to get on the same elevator
(we were not on good terms at the time, due
to a nonpayment and due to my impolite
collection efforts, so there was no conversation.) He had just gotten off a DNP
cycle and had posted to a newsgroup how
great it had worked.

But fact is, while he may have lost a lot
of fat, the man looked like death warmed
over, no exaggeration. He looked just like
a hospital patient who has come out of
a coma or being unconscious for 2 weeks looks.

Considering what DNP does to the body, I
suppose it is not surprising that you wind
up looking like you are only now just
starting to recover from a severe and
prolonged illness, which is how Duchaine

Is this how you want to look for Daytona
Beach or wherever you’re going? My bet is
you’ll be perceived a lot better being
healthful and vibrant at 8% achieved by
saner means, than looking like a death-warmed-over 5% bf cadaver (if you
could even achieve below 6% in that
time frame from 10%, which I doubt.)

Many swear by it…Way to risky though.

Two weeks isn’t much time, but here is some food for thought. Weighing in at 180lbs and 9.8% bodyfat I started eating 300g plus of protein a day with close to 100g of fat and under 100 grams of carbs. Six straight days of weight training plus a cardio session each day (seperate from the resistance training session) at an intensity of 75% maximum heart rate for 30 minutes. By following this plan and eating carbs just after the workouts I have seen a fairly respectable result in only 10 days.

I really appreciate the feedback. No on has any positive things to say about DNP? Sounds pretty bad to me.

Foster–I actually have 4 weeks until spring break to diet, I would’ve just had 2 weeks to use DNP though. Thanks for the advice.

For more info, just do a search at T-mag. I don’t think any of the experts there have ever said anything positive about it. Why don’t you do the low carb thing? That way you’ll drop some water weight and some fat and look more cut without risking losing muscle or, uh, DYING using DNP?

You’re going to get some chicks at 190, 10% anyway (unless your face looks like a pepperoni pizza) so why take a chance with your health? Plus, all the beer you are going to drink is going to go straight to your gut anyway. I’d follow the advise of others on this board and try a low carb diet, and MD-6.

DNP is much stronger than MD6 as a fat burner. Shocking, huh. Why wouldn’t Biotest include DNP in MD6? Maybe because the risks, like dying from overdosed capsules, looking yellow and shitty, sweating all day long and having no energy to do anything but lie around in front of a fan, outweigh the benefits. If it meant the difference between getting your pro card or placing #3 instead of #16 at the NOC, I might advise differently, but we’re talking spring break here. You know, fun in the sun, wet t-shirt contests, doing shots through some sorority girl’s hooters. If you don’t believe us here, go to another board and write what you just said. They won’t be so gentle in their responses.

I close friend recently tried a couple of courses with dnp both 2 weeks at 200 mg per day.

The first cycle was using DNP exclusively and no steroids- he lost roughly 9 pounds in 14 days- but A LOT of that seemed to be muscle.

On the second cycle he used 50 mg of tren per day along with the DNP (same dosage) weight loss-this time was only 6 pounds but he did seem to keep most, if not all, of his muscle mass.

BTW, earlier this year this individual did a 2 week cycle with 50 mg of tren, 50 mcg of t3 and 60 mcg´s of clenbuterol and the results were very close to the second DNP cycle.

It´s up to you if you wanna play with DNP, I would absolutely use an anabolic with it though.

Try the ‘Fat Fast’ diet in paper issue #3 or the FAQS. Otherwise, you may end up like me - dead.