When I do dips for chest, do I stay straight up or do I lean forward with my legs out back? I know one way focuses on tris but I can’t find which.

I personally hate dips for a chest movement. For me it just doesn’t feel like it directly works my pecs, but i get a great pump in my tricepts. The more you bend over the more you directly work the pectorals. The more you straighten the torso the more you directly work your tricept.

Lean forward a bit & maybe have the arms a bit wider for chest.

When you lean forward with your legs back you will be training more chest, when going more upright, focuses more tri’s.

A forward lean puts more of the load on the pecs. Staying straight hits the tris harder. They both work hard either way.

Here’s a helpful hint for whatever exercise you do for pecs or tris. Tris are activated in elbow extension, pecs are worked during humeral adduction. Think about the exercise and how the body moves. Then you will know where the emphasis lies. I know there is some grey area with this, but it’s a good start. Get an anatomy book it will help lots.