Diluting Surge

In the SWIS summmary in this week’s t-mag the importance of diluting surge in a liter of water was mentioned. OK I have no problem drinking a liter of surge solution during my one hour workout, but seeing as we are suposed to get surge into the system quickly after the workout are we really suposed to dilute the post-workout surge in a liter and drink the whole liter quickly after the workout?

This confused me as well. I usually drink my surge more diluted during when I lift, but then I use the 8 ounces of water WHAT THE CAN SAYS TO DO. I don’t know if you need to use more water, why they put on the can 8 ounces per scoop. I hope someone sheds some light on the subject.

I do the first scoop during workout with about 1/2 litre (or a litre+ in summer - no aircon), then the post workout scoop with very little water just to get it down fast as possible, then immediately cram as much water down my throat as I can possibly manage for the next few hours, along with a couple of large protein shakes.

Well how much longer will it actually take to drink the liter of water? I’m thinking just a couple of more minutes so in my mind that wouldn’t have that big of an effect on my post-workout nutrition. I think Monday and Tuesday I will compare how much longer it takes to drink a liter of surge compared to 8 ounces.

Trent, I agree it probably won’t make that much difference. I only do it that way becuase after a hard workout I’m practically crawling out of the gym and the last thing I want to do is eat or drink anything lest I throw up. But I know it needs to get in there so I get as much down as I can hold. Usually 10-15 minutes later is all it takes recover, and get on solids again.