Different Recovery Times

do some people recover faster than others? (I’m sure the answer is yes) i bench press on say monday and on tuesday I’m a little sore but wed i feel like I’m ready to bench again and an extra day or 2 wouldn’t matter? not sore or anything…squats and deadlifts I’m sore maybe the first day but the next day and maybe the next after that are more of bone soreness like in my lower back and left leg but not my muscle. I’m 20 years old and just wondering if someone can give me some better insight on recovery. thanks

Tell me how you recover when you’re 30 years old and you’ll know the answer to your question. :wink: (emoticon inserted in order to clarify that I’m not trying to be a jerk.)

But seriously, you can accustom yourself to various training frequencies. Just be sure to sleep and eat. Lots. And don’t overthink it.

Larger muscles and muscle groups take longer to recover.

Compare an upper body day- Arms, pects, delts, traps, etc.

To dead lift or squat- entire posterior chain.

The sheer mass of muscle being exhausted is much greater and will require more time and resources to recover/grow.

[quote]AbsuM- wrote:
do some people recover faster than others? [/quote]

Yes! But there are so many variables to render than answer useless. Depending on the type of workout, the muscle group, the frequency, tempo, rest, nutrition, etc. Even consider when the last deload period or full break from lifting occurred. CNS fatigue generally takes more time to recover from than straight muscle fatigue. That is one reason some people never max out.

On an individual basis, these are things that take time to figure out.

Pffff, 3-4 days dem muscles ready to go but not the joints or CNS (enjoying this deload week)

You can train your recovery just like you can train anything else be it strength or cardio or whatever. In my opinion it’s actually one of the easiest things to get good at. Certainly easier than actually getting strong. The advantage of improved recovery of course being that it could enable you to get stronger, faster.

Frequency and work capacity, if increased gradually, will adapt extremely proficiently. Before you know it you can hit muscle groups practically as often as you want and still never get sore.

Contrast showers on your posterior chain after a lower body workout are the shit!