diet and exams

I’m currently working through the Mutation Series articles but without the supplements that are suggested because I’m your typical broke student :slight_smile: Revising for exams and low carb is hard but I think that I can manage it. Do carbs from fruit count in the total daily carb count? Also how much fructose is it ok to eat in a low carb plan or at any time for that matter? I saw a program on TV yesterday that said more than 100g of fructose a day will make you fat!

How much water should I consume on a daily basis too? I know that this seems like a basic question but this site recommends 10 pints in some places and 3 pints in others? I’m sick of losing my concentration and having to leave the library to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes lol!

Have any of you used or heard of Reflex Instant Whey? I got some for my 19th birthday recently and am having trouble with the serving suggestions. The tub says that one serving contains 20g of protein, weighs 25g and is equivalent to 2 scoops of powder… I found that 2 scoops of powder weighs about 15g!!! How the hell am I meant to know how much to use now? Anybody else have a similar experience?

I’m just bunping this to see if I can get any help
thanks in advance