Diet and CNS training

Gentlemen and T-ladies, I understand the concept of increased calories and increased protein intake when training for hypertrophy, but are the caloric and protein requirements the same when doing CNS training. Since the goal during this type of training is nervous system adaptation and not muscle growth, is extra protein and increased calories of any use (excluding the role they play in fighting off catabolism).

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Use the sample 4000 cal diet in the manual for a starting point. Make whatever substitutions for protein and carb sources you want. Just keep the same gram count. Start with 1/2 a tbls of Captri for 3 days and then go to a full tbls. You can keep it at 1 and get good results by adding in a few tbls of flax for the day as well. I understand the cost issue. It wasn’t as bad for me as I owned a gym and got everything wholesale. I used 16 tbls per day! Just take your bodystats weekly and you will know what adjustments to make to the 4000 cal plan. By the way, you spend a lot of money on other things, let loose and get the training manual and bodystat kit. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
Fascial stretching is done after every set when the muscle is pumped. This adds leverage. The fascia tissue is like a protective sheath over the muscle. Stretching it allows the muscle to expand and increase strength as well. It also aids recovery. John has many different stretches for all muscle groups. This is why you need the manual because you have to see the examples. This isn’t a simple little stretch either. It hurts! But, John is the master of pain!

Timbo, here's a training tip for you! For the next month, just record your movements and tempos (if you do that) and don't record your reps. If you have a partner, have them count the reps, but not out loud. When you get to your heaviest set, for example, just focus on the muscle or spell a word in your mind or whatever. Just don't count the reps! The reason for this is that most people subconsiously stop at a preconcieved rep range like 8. If you just put everything into the movement and focus on nothing else, you will probably be suprised at how much more you can do. I know Poliquin fans who write every little detail down to a hang nail would scoff, but who the hell ever heard of him before Muscle Media!

One more thing, the reason for increasing the dose of Captri 1/2 tbls at a time over 3 days is because if you start with more you will shit like a wildcat with 9 assholes!

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This is a great question. Let’s keep it on the board until it gets an answer from the diet gurus. Brian

Rob…I attempted to respond to this earlier but apparently there was a glitch somewhere. Basically, total calories in this training phase could be reduced somewhat in comparison to a hypertrophy phase. The reduction primarily from carbs because there is less reliance on glycogen as fuel. This, of course, is assuming activity level outside the gym is constant. However, you may even consider upping your protein intake. One of the scopes of this phase is chronic hypertrophy in that you’re attempting to increase the protein content of the cells and increase the cross-bridges of the myosin filaments.

Wild Bill…you da man! Thanks for all the info. Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier and thanks for sticking with me. I have to mention that I’m home for spring break and I went to the gym that I used to work at and talked to my buddy who’s a trainer there. I’ve got some great news: 1. he’s letting me borrow his Parrillo training manual and 2. he’s going to fill up his Captri travel size bottle for me to give a test run. I’m pumped. The 4000 cal plan in the manual was what I was going to refer to. However, I really like the Massive Eating plan and JB’s rationale, so I think I’m going to modify the dieting arsenal to be protein/carb and protein/fat meals. I will use one tablespoon of Captri at each meal though. I haven’t done the math yet, but I’ll subtract the Captri calories from my total, and then I’ll shoot for a ratio of 50:35:15 carb:pro:fat, eating only complex carbs, lean protein sources and flax/omega-3s for fats. I do have the computer program and actually have the Parrillo calipers, so I can take most of the measurements on my own (do you think it’s okay to do them myself, or should I have someone else?)

I’m really excited to delve into the training manual. Thanks for that training tip, Bill. I’ve recently been doing some wave training, and I think I’m really guilty of stopping at the number of reps I have engrained in my mind. Yeah, I’m pushing it, but maybe I do have another left in me! And the fascial stretching, I want to learn more, but the last couple workouts I stretched hard between sets and got a sweet pump. Oh yeah, Bill, since I won’t want to be shitting like a wildcat with nine sphinctors (nice analogy:-), is it okay, at the carb/protein meals, to eat more complex carbs in the place of the Captri? or at the fat/protein meals, flax oil? Thanks, Wild Bill, and I look forward to hearing from you as you can expect me to be bugging you for a while yet!

Sorry, it’s been a busy week. Besides work, working out, and coaching(I assist youth wrestling club), I haven’t been able to get on the site much. My nine year old won the state title in wrestling, by the way, and my eleven year old got second! Just had to throw that in!
Yes, that would be fine to replace carbs and flax. Just keep taking those stats and you’ll know where you are and what you need to adjust. Also, unless you’re double jointed, you will need someone to take the measurements. There are seven skin folds on this program. Make sure you have the same person take them so there won’t be any discrepancies. Take care and yell if you need anything!

Wild Bill…thanks for the response (again)! I appreciate all your feedback. I’m going to give you a break for now though…but be on the lookout for future posts–namely questions and hopefully awesome progress. Unfortunately the Parrillo manual I borrowed from my buddy was the Certified Training manual. This is not the same as the Parrillo Training Manual I assume, as it refers to the latter several times. This will probably be an investment I need to make. BTW, I understand your commitments and you being tied up, and please, do not apologize. You don’t owe me anything, but appreciate all you’ve done so far very much. I look forward to continuing correspondence and hearing what you have to say/advise. Good luck with all your endeavors and with all your tasks, jobby-jobs and of course, business and training! Thanks, Wild Bill!