Deep Squats / nerve pinch

Anyone got any helpful techniques to deep squatting? When I try, it felt like I’m sitting down into a hammock. Once I get to parallel things get tighter and tighter and finally stop. It’s like the muscles, tendons, etc just keep my body from getting any lower. The more weight, the farther away from parallel I can go. Any thoughts.

#2 - at a certain weight while squatting, it feels like the bar is pinching a nerve across my shoulders/upper back and the feeling in my arms start to go. Anyone have thoughts on this one? Thanks!

I suffered something that caused me to lose about 50% of the strength in my left arm (more in a few individual muscles). It took 7 weeks for the strength to return. The myelogram located the trouble in my neck, & the event occurred when I was doing the last phase of Ian King’s “Limping” series (meaning heavy squats). The closest thing to a correlation I can figure is that I did myself in by using an un-padded bar & really heavy weight. Moral: be careful when you go heavy.

If you strengthen your hamstrings it sould allow you to go lower. How tall are you?

That happens when you try to squat with too much weight. If you slow down the negative, not rest between reps and go right to the bottom with no bounce, you don’t need much weight compared to what you can power squat. Just squat like that and leave the ego at the door.

Don’t have any comment on your first question, but the nerve thing may be helped by using a Manta Ray. For only about $40 (if I remember right) it would be a cheap solution if it works.

I thought the manta ray was just for front squats? I’ve been using a wrap-pad for the bar and it still pinches. Tried the pad plus a towel around my shoulder/neck and that seemed to help a lot.

And Colin, I’ve got no ego to leave at the door when it comes to training. I’m a total wimp in regards to how much weight I can lift compared to others - but I don’t care about that since I lift weights for ME and I know I do it with strict form. Heck, I’m the only one in my gym who squats anyway. No one else looks at anything besides the bench press. It’s absolutely hilarious.

Sting Ray for front squats. Manta Ray for back squats.