Decimation Food Log

Hopefully this log will improve my food behaviours.
4 pieces of jam on toast for breakfast
1 veggie burger with a portion of frozen chips.

I have some chick peas ready to bake in the oven . I may glaze them.

2 cups of coffee.

Small plate of chips
Had chickpeas with cayenne pepper and cinnamon glaze

3 vegetarian sausages and two slices of wite bread
3 beers bud light
Glass of milk.
A bit too hot for me but I will eat it.

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Thursday - roasted chick peas two handfuls
Toast white 1 piece
2 pieces of bread with peanut butter

2 pieces of small melon.
2 coffees

Quorn (like vegetarian chicken pieces) with turmeric and morocan flavouring and a pack of barbecue beef noodles.
A glas of coke and a cup of tea.
Boil in bag indian rice
small plate chips and beans and garlic bread.

chips are pommes frites
2 beers


2 Weetabix with milk
2 coffees white

Training at gym
High pulls---- 60x3
110 x 3
130 x3
140 fail.
Deadlift singles 170kg x1 easy 200kg x1 not too bad with bit of effort
Bench 50kg x 10 70kg x10 70 kg x 10 70kg x 8
Chinup x 1 (I weight 120kg ) so I am struggling

2 cheese sandwiches
3 oat biscuits and a cup of coffee
I have salmon planned for tea and I will try and get some vegetables in.


Your diet is cringe-worthy, you need to overhaul it big time. Just to clarify, when you say “chips” do you mean store-bought potato chips?


No not crisps like McDonalds but bigger. Salmon broccoli Swede on the way

Chips are pommes frites in the UK.
Weight 120kg 5 foot 5 and a half.
To get lean and keep my strength up for Olympic Weighlifting and Deadlifting occasionally.
I want to clean 2 bw so I have a lot of weight to lose and strength to preserve.

I have another log called Decimation’s Olympic Weightifting log. Strength is coming back slowly . I have had a long lay off. 4 months .

4-6 pieces of bread.
French fries.
Some processed ‘meat alternatives’.

That’s not going to cut it man. This is a recipe to take you from fat to fatter.

Please go check out @kleinhound’s log. He is eating a balanced vegetarian diet. You can’t just simply remove meat from your diet and expect to be healthy, especially when it’s being replaced by the unhealthy foods you have in there right now.

Your consistent diet would be a single “cheat” day for me and that I would bust my ass for it and probably follow it will a cheat fast (TNation Article you can find using the search function). This is no way to eat for an extended period of time.

Someone please tell me I did the conversion incorrectly. You’re 264lbs @ 5’5"???

This isn’t a time to think about changing your habits, this is a time to do it NOW.
You’re sitting in some unhealthy territory right now. Time to man up and make some changes. You got this!


Looking at your other log, you were 240lbs in October of last year. You’ve put on 25lbs in like 9 months?

At 37yrs old you need to make some tough decisions. This isn’t one of them. Hit the weights hard, hit the veggies HARD, and consider supplementing with some vegetarian protein powder to keep protein adequate (your current intake is awfully close to 0).

Fish and eggs will also be your friend if those are part of whatever vegetarian idea you’re following.


Thank you for the kind words.I can use a normal protein powder I have. I will try to continue the log.

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Saturday -
1 coffee with milk
2 weetabixes with milk

1 protein shake with banana, strawberry and spinach

1 plate of sweetcorn , carrots and broccoli and a 1/4 cheese quiche.

1 fried egg and a slice of white bread with butter
1 cup of tea

Moving light furniture tidying up house

Indian inspired rice froma Aldi with carrots and peas.
Two veggie burgers with chopped up veggies and sweet potato , quinoa and lentil burger

1 oat biscuit

1 apple cream cake (spoilt the day)

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2 cups of coffee
1 cheese sandwich with natural butter.

1 milk coffee
3 pieces of vegetarian pizza with plenty of vegetables.
boil in bag vegetables sweetcorn carrots , broccoli , spinach square microwaved.
and sardines (fish).
I am allowing myself fish for now. I have a fair amount of tinned fish.

trying to get diet a habit.

Chips vegetable frozen mix ask mince quorum as advertised by no Farrar an healthy source of protein

Cheese on toast with plate of vegetables - carrots, sweetcorn and brocolli
2 cups of coffee
Veggie burger with plate of small chips and
1 cup of tea
Some walnuts not many

Slice of pizza and a pro12tein shake
Gym session

Highpulls 70 x 3
90 110 120 x 3
130 x 1 easy
135 just shy
Grip work hook grip
135 140 150 160 165
Failed on 210kg broke floor a bit tired worked out on Friday

Strength starting to come back
Bench 70 x 10 x 2
Walked half way home

Fallafel wrap - chocolate ice cream
2 coffees
handful of walnuts

Clean and press 135lb - 60kg
x 1 , 3, 6 reps

1 cup of basmati rice, sweetcorn and tuna
1 cup of semi-skimmed milk

1 falafel wrap 450cal
1 protein shake chocolate

Where’s the rice and beans/lentils/chic peas? If I every gave vegetarian a go, most of my diet would be the rice/bean combo (obviously accompanied by vast amounts of vegetables).

Continuing to eat like this is not doing you any favours!

Chocolate ice cream? ← You need to say no to this for AT LEAST 3 months. Do you deserve a cheat like this? Is this helping you reach any particular goal? Or does this just ‘taste good so I eat it’?

Stop eating chips/french fries/pizza. Cut up your own potatoes and bake them without oil. Make some cauliflower crust pizza if necessary to curb this bad habit. If you’re buying bagged chips or worse buying them from a fast food chain then they are just soaked in oil (and I doubt it’s soaked in extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil).

Do you REALLY want to lose weight? Or are you just logging food in case you happen to lose weight while eating like a child?

Come on dude. Pull your shit together. Have you added any cardio yet to your training? You might consider hitting the bike or walking for a couple miles each day for some additional calorie expenditure.

If you clean up your diet, you will have more energy and feel better to do more physical activity. It’s a wonderful chain reaction of healthy living. You need to bust out of this rut you’re stuck in.

Why do you want to loose weight? What is your motivation? Dig deep.

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Thank you for the kind words. the chips are mostly done in an air fryer. Although I did have some frozen chips from a bag. I am going try and get some cardio in probably punching the heavybag. I am so out of condition I won’t manage much on it , That and the bike . Going shopping to get some quinoa I have the beans etc already.

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Bought some quinoa, couscous
1 cup of tea
Breakfast 2 weetabixes with milk
and a donut peach (a peach in the shape of a donut) not an actual donut.
1 cup of tea.

1 cheese sandwich
The other meals will be healthier

1 cup of Quinoa onion , feta cheese and chillis
Granola bar 150cal
1 cup of tea.
TEA- two veggie burgers, garlic bread
and 3 small glasses of wine.

It’s all about progress! You don’t have to make the leap to a perfect diet in one day. But cutting out the obvious shit like ice cream needs to happen now. So good job in moving in the right direction.

Now go bust your ass in the gym!

2 weetabixes with milk and a cholocate protein shake
1 1/2 pieces of cheese on toast and 1 bowl of vegetable mixes.
1 cup of water
a few handfuls of roasted chickpeas
After workout half a protein shake.
3 Fajitas wraps with quorn mince and salad
1 Bud lite which is 127cal ( that’s the last of my beer so I am not going to buy more)
I might have a red wine instead

What kind of bread are you toasting?

Not that it is necessarily a HUGE difference, but you may want to consider buying some Ezekiel bread or even some sourdough bread for the benefits to the stomach bacteria.

Cheese is typically one of the first things I’ll cut out when I’m trying to lose weight. It is just so damn calorie dense and not a lot of benefits to consuming it (other than taste). You might want to consider removing cheese from your diet for awhile as well.

Again, none of this is forever, but it is a necessary step to take you out of dangerously overweight territory.

I should consider cutting out cheese. I can’t eat rye bread as I am allergic to rye. I can still drink whiskey ( which is strange ) as it is heavily distilled. It’s white bread btw, which I know is bad. I am going to try to cut out bread altogether.

I have a lighter barbell set (127.5kg) in back garden. So I don’t have excuses if I don’t make it to the gym. I also have an exercise bike. I plan to do high pulls and perhaps clean and presses.

Clean and press
60 x 5
60 x 7
70 x1
75 x1 fairly difficult 7/8RPE

all x 3 60, 70, 77.5 , 90 , 97.5 115 , 120 ,
127.5kg only to belt all others to around chest .

Bike 15mins

Bought some paint for the rusty plates.

I can lift fair less on this bar. The bar at the gym is an IWF approved bar , so provided you have the support strength it has a lot of whip to it.
The grass being wet mad it difficult to lift straight. I thought it was better than missing the gym. I’ll try to rig up a bench press/squat rack combo i.e. powerrack from scaffolding too. Only thing is it is quite noisy.

Anything you can do to move more will help you. Even with a bar and some plates you can get creative. Clean it up and put it on your back, then just lunge around your yard until your legs/lungs are screaming. Then do 2 more sets like this.

Have you been getting sore from your workouts? (are you adequately recovering?)

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