Decent supplements in Oz

Aussie T-men,

 Just moved back to Oz after 5 years abroad as we cant get Biotest here yet, I was wondering what the good brands of supplements were. Have tried Aussie bodies perfect protein but it mixes like shit. Any suggestions?

Too right. Aussie bodies stuff mixes terribly. Flavours are a bit crap. I know a shop in Melbourne that sells a pretty huge range. If your in the area let me know. Havent got around to trying many myself, but MAX’s muscle is quite popular with some people.

They all mix like shit and taste like shit. You have to buy American brands.

If you live in sydney the only place to go is Chatswood Discount Vitamins ,If you ask for Mail order price you can get 3kg MAXS Whey for about 95 bucks ,

Thanks maximus,
I’m in sydney close enough to chatswood, well considering I paid $175 for a 4Kg Bucket of Aussie Bods Perfect Protein I’ll make the trip. By the way guys if you are wondering if GROW is as good as they say, it pretty much is you do need a blender to mix it but man does it taste good…ahh well I guess living in London did have one good point

I pay $25.00 per kg for a whey protein isolate here in W.A. It’s unsweetened, but you can mix it with fruit and milk and it tastes fine. I was a bit skeptical so I had this product assay tested, and it came back legit to what was on the label. But I can’t post a URL for the site here, thats the problem

If any T-Dundees live in Melbourne, Great Earth in Elizabeth st stocks Biotest Powerdrive and Tribex 500.
As far as protein powders go, the Horleys stuff mixes well, tastes alright - better than aussie bods.

Does anyone know where to get good bodybuilding books here in Melbourne? I’ve been checking out book stores and found nothing.

I think one of the best brands out now is Vital Strength. Great supplements ingredients wise, tastes alright (really it could taste like a horses @rse as long as it does the job though), and mixes OK. Ultimately though, I’m after content, not taste or mix-ability. But that’s me…