Dead Bench

Any of you raw benches do dead bench? I’ve heard mixed reviews about them. I was watching the Westside Barbell Bench Press Secrets video and Kenny Patterson moved his grip in to help his shoulders. Would you guys recommend doing this?


My friend is doing them as are done fellows writing into elite. They like them.

Changing grips on the bench can be helpful also .

I like doing dead benches with the bar hung in chains so that it returns to he exact spot every time plus since it will swing some if I don’t push straight up it reinforces a better bar path for me. I tried off of pins and I found myself pushing back over my face too much for some reason. I have been focusing on off the chest strength for a few months. Dead benches ahvbe helped a lot in that area. Now I have to get my tri’s back strong and I’ll should be able to bench off the chest what I used to 3 board press!

Here is a link to an older post i started trying to get some more info on the dead bench…