Dani's Rebel Log

I’ve seen dogs kill and eat a 9-year-old child in St Louis. True story. Nothing haunts me more than seeing his body. That said… I do love the loyalty of dogs and the way cats show their unique brand of love. Animals should be cherished and cared for.

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Yikes! That’s terrifying. There are horrific stories about dogs snapping. Do you think it’s (generally) a breed thing or an upbringing thing… or maybe a combination of both?


This is shop talk, and I get it. My brother in law was NYPD, a bit prejudicial against many elements of society, but argued it wasn’t prejudice - he asked me one time, “you ever take a baby out of the freezer?”

Goldfish - just saying. Two seconds of memory, then on to the next. I want to be reincarnated as a Goldfish.

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St Louis has a massive feral / stray dog population… it’ just their nature. They were hunting in packs. That said, I have personally saved dogs from abuse, gun shots, etc… I will always treat them with kindness

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Knew quite a few NYPD guys… different breed. Police work will definitely break your heart and soul. I was actually fairly lucky having only seen a few extreme cases of children being harmed, killed, abused. But God damn it never leaves you.


Fullish Body

Leg Press
Machine Chest Press
Band Rotator Cuff Thing
Cable Row
Bentover DB Flye
Arnold Press
Band Straight Arm Pulldown

The band work really helps with those knots I keep getting between the scaps.


Turns out it wasn’t a paw issue. Roxy-Pants has some type of knee problem and we’re going back for tests in a couple weeks to see if it’s bone cancer. That brings up a whole different conversation about whether it’s wise to amputate the leg of a 12 year old pup. It’s kind of a quality-of-life versus length-of-life question.

We had a friend whose dog had bone cancer, so she went ahead with the leg amputation, and the dog still didn’t live much more than a few months after that. So that’s what we’ve been discussing lately.

But she’s getting plenty of outdoor time. Our walks and hikes are just slower and more leisurely.

And even with a bum knee, she tried to fight this deer.


Random Stuff

Does anyone else subscribe to Mark Manson’s newsletter? This quote was in his last one and it kinda blew my mind.

Ever experience this phenomenon? Chris and I had a long eye-opening conversation revolving around this idea. It explains that incident I wrote about last week… but it also just explains the curse of the people pleaser.

Vet Called Back

Roxy’s blood tests are fantastic, and the vet now says her X-rays are more consistent with an ACL tear. So no more cancer-related-pity-treats. For now, she’ll get ACL-tear-pity treats. Huge difference.

This little dog has the most expressive face and I will never stop sharing it. She also has expressive body language and one of her ways to show love is smashing the top of her head against you. We got her at age 6 and she might’ve convinced us to adopt adult dogs from here on out. They’re so grateful.


Sounds like great news! Glad your pup is (mostly) okay!

Your log has almost convinced me to adopt a dog. I would definitely go with an adult as well. Probably a pitbull or another breed that gets a bad rap. I need a dog my size any way!

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Thank you so much! We are relieved.


There are pros and cons to adopting an adult dog, but it’s worth it. We got Kipper as an 8-week old puppy, and we adore him but our future dogs will be grown ups.

One big thing we’ve become aware of is the heartbreak a dog experiences when they’re abandoned or unwanted. Tons of people buy puppies because they’re cute. Then when they become an inconvenience, their owners take them to a shelter where they will no longer be easy to adopt out since they’re no longer cute little puppies. And that’s why there’s an abundance of perfectly healthy adult dogs in shelters.

Adult dogs have a sweetness and loyalty that puppies don’t tend to develop until later on. Puppies have a crazy energy that’s a lot of fun, but can also be exhausting. Plus there’s the potty training aspect. One perk of adopting an adult dog is that there’s a good chance it’s already potty trained.

And when an adult dog goes from a sad situation or a cold/loud shelter to your home, you can tell how grateful and desperate it is to stay with you.

If you’re still on the fence about a dog, I think this video might be the clincher.

There are so many awesome pitties out there, but I wouldn’t limit yourself. We know a couple who adopted an adult pit bull that unfortunately had to be put down because of her unpredictable aggression. Of course that’s not always the case. This same couple has another pit bull who is the complete opposite: sweet, relaxed, etc.

But there are so many dogs that need love. You might want to take your time visiting different rescues and see which one you’re drawn to, personality wise. It may very well end up being a pit bull.

Chris and I do believe that there’s one particular breed that’s the best, but we can’t bring ourselves to ever buy from a breeder.

Let me know if how it goes if you start looking for a pup! :heart:

My hubby and I fostered a Husky, Belgian Malinois mix for two weeks before he was adopted. It let me know really quickly I don’t want a puppy. At first I loved the energy, but it got old trying to wear him out every day. I had to bring him to work too, because he was was too young to stay in the kennel at home all day. That got interesting, that breed combo is LOUD and he let everyone know when I left the room.

This would be a requirement for sure!

I’m not crying… I’m just chopping onions…

Absolutely, I am a firm believer the dog will find us. I know I am more likely to get a working breed than anything, shepherd, husky, etc. Anything med-large that wants to go on as many walks as I do.

I will! My biggest hold up is time and space. No one is home for 10+ hours a day and I live in a 600sf apartment with no yard. Not fair to a pup. Our living situation would need to change drastically for me to feel okay about getting a dog. Living on some land, being able to bring the dog to work, or a semi-remote work situation would need to happen.

What breed? I am curious now.

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I bet that was a gorgeous, hilarious floofer!

WOW! That sounds like a tough situation. You guys are so awesome for recognizing his needs.

HA! I can picture that breed mix just going off with the howling and wailing.

We had something like that happen at our townhouse. Puppies are just so emotional and they do not like to be separated from their people.

Good call!

Those are really valid reasons to hold off. So many people just don’t consider practical things like that and they end up regretting it and resenting their dog.

Oh, you know, probably whatever the hell this is. :wink:


Fullish Body

Battle Ropes Tabata style
Hip Thrust
Arnold Press
Booty Machine
Walking Lunge
Tricep Pulldown
EZ Bar Curl

Boomers just don’t give a rip and I kinda love it. Today I was called burly – not in a mean way – but in a completely innocent/observant way, and I’m not mad about it. But I probably need an axe, some wood to chop, and a few more flannel shirts.

Our Newest House Guest

Her name is Birdie and she’s been nesting here for the past week. We’re not sure if this is a good idea because of our rowdy dogs. I just don’t want her getting spooked after laying her eggs.

A couple years ago a bird built her nest in the same place, laid her eggs, and then (we’re assuming) she freaked out and tried to move the eggs somewhere else. We found broken eggs on the ground and never saw her again.

And then after waiting long enough to know she wasn’t returning, we took down her nest and found this…

That was a better looking nest if I’m being honest. Birdie needs to spruce things up a bit.


He was so cute it hurt. Made cleaning up his messes easier.

It was so funny, you could hear the two breeds fighting each other. The Malinois bark would dissolve into howling.

Exactly. I can’t be that person. Dogs are better than most people and I can’t be the cause of one being in any pain.

Ha! Rat dog!

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OH MY GOOOOODNESSSS!!! You are absolutely right. Painfully cute!

LOL! It starts as hilarious and adorable but that had to be so hard to handle after awhile. Chris is obsessed with the husky videos where they just scream for no reason. It’s a good time for 60 seconds but I can’t imagine that being someone’s every day life.

You’re not that person, which ironically would make you an amazing dog owner.
:joy: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I don’t subscribe to his newsletter but i had to learn this the hard way too. I can only speak from personal experience, though I’m sure the phrase stands the same irrespective of gender.

Boys are raised and taught “respect all women”.
Well, respect often means a lot of things to a young boy.

  • He respects his father and mother. He also shows defference to them.
  • he respects his church leader(s), and shows defference to them.
  • he respects his teachers, and shows deference to them.
  • He also views all of these people as his leaders or superiors, and when he’s not respectful to them - they withdraw their attention (love, in the boys eyes) from him.

So he should defer to women and view them as his superiors - right?
Even if that means tolerating disrespect, right?

And then this boy grows up to be a Nice Guy™ who lets women disrespect him while he also puts all of them on a pedestal.
Because thats the kind of guy all women are clamoring after, lol.

This is the average American male’s upbringing these days, and it’s been ongoing for 40 years. Craziness.

Anyways, yeah, no one should be tolerating disrespect. The more difficult angle here is “what do you do when you’ve been disrespected”?
Do you scream and yell?
Do you fight?
Do you just ignore it?

For men, i advise they treat it as if a 4 year old called them a poopyhead.
I don’t have advice for women in this regard; i view male respect and female respect in a very different light.

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Ehh, I’m not onboard with this.

I had a friend who complained that I was mean to women and was always had them going after me (pre -marriage, obviously.) He was the nice guy you describe.

I just treated women as normal friends and wasn’t trying to do anything I wouldn’t do normally. No peacocking, no intimidation, happy to bullshit, make dirty jokes, and just have a fun time. It’s not the Madonna/Whore paradox.

The reaction is what should be personally analyzed more than the attack.

Betty White said “Why do people say, ‘Grow some balls’? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you really wanna get tough, grow a vagina. Those things really take a pounding!”


Really fascinating to hear the male perspective here.

I just assumed boys are taught to respect everyone. So are girls. Respecting all people in general is what I thought most of us were taught. Respect doesn’t necessarily mean making others a superior though.

I was with you until that last bullet point. Kids can be a-holes, but parents can set them straight without withdrawing their attention. I have no idea though; parenting is not a thing I spend time thinking about.

Hmmm. No, I wouldn’t say so. I think there was a leap in logic here that I’m not understanding.

Women should respect men. Men should respect women. Neither of these instances automatically makes the other sex its superior.

I’ll be respectful to a homeless man, but that doesn’t make him my superior. You might be respectful to a random woman on an airplane. She’s not your superior.

And, to answer that second question, you don’t have tolerate disrespect from someone just because they’re female. Not tolerating it would simply mean addressing the disrespect or avoiding the person if you don’t have to be in their presence.

Oh definitely. :crazy_face:

This seems to be taking more of an approach from a dating perspective. And I think there’s some commonality between the “nice girls” and the “nice guys” who I knew that struggled with dating. Their interest in the opposite sex often came off as desperation. Desperation is a repellant.

And I think this idea ties back into that Mark Manson quote.

The desperation to be liked by someone who’s disrespectful, can make you start believing that person when they treat you like trash. By accepting their disrespect, you’re agreeing with it.

But this is even more of a common thing people experience when they’re single and lonely. If a guy fawns over a female who’s not ready for a commitment, she may disrespect him just to get some space. I ghosted a couple “nice guys” before meeting Chris. They had no other hobbies, passions, or interests aside from finding a woman, and their desperation was repulsive.

Is it though? My brother is not even nice, let alone the Nice Guy™. I’m not sure I see many guys tolerating disrespect or viewing all women as their superiors. Maybe super liberal guys or mamas boys? But in my area, that’s not the norm. Maybe that just speaks to the community I’ve chosen to surround myself with: gym, range, church. The guys I see (generally) respect themselves and everyone else.

Interestingly, this was the other quote in that Mark Manson newsletter.

So, is it possible that the Nice Guy™ is only disrespected because he’s perceived as someone who doesn’t respect himself?

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On a related note, I was listening to mindpump and on a recent episode, they were giving advice to a guy about to become a dad and it was to “be the best at everything so your wife and kid will follow” and that “it’s the husband’s job to lead”

That response really rubbed me the wrong way. I agree with the “you should lead by example” point, but why does the husband have to be the “best” and the “leader”?

Stuff like this just makes me want a family less than I already do

What are you guys’ thoughts?

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I remember when my father-in-law and I were having a beer a while ago - he only had daughters, who all have very contentious relationships with their parents - tried to give me fatherly advice about family.

“You need to learn how to tend your garden,” trying to be the wise old man.

“How’s your garden doing?” I asked. Long pause. He did not like that response.


I’d probably have to listen to it to give a fair opinion, and I don’t play fitness podcasts too often. Lifting good. Too many calories bad. Sleep good. Excess cardio bad. Some supplements good. Some supplements bad.

It never goes too much deeper than those concepts.

But I like the Mind Pump guys. They’re taking an outspoken traditional approach, which I respect.

I agree with your agreement. And as for the “best” and “leader” maybe they just know their audience (mostly men) who want to hear about personal responsibility and leadership. If they can motivate them to lead by example then that’s a good thing.

You are young and smart and busy and it’s okay to not want a family!