Dangerous But Effective?

There are some protocols on the web that call for the use of insulin to induce ketosis after a carb load at a faster rate. My question is could this be used in conjunction with a Animalbolics or Warrior diet where one would carb load each night? Because this would get you into ketosis for all of the next day prior to your load meal. Or would the repeated use of insulin each night simply make you fat despite it sending you into ketosis?

Great question. I don’t know the answer but it seems that you are asking if using insulin could actually help you lean out? Maybe, I’m no expert but hopefully one of the vets could give some answers.

I used to get into rapid ketosis after a two day carb up with alcohol. I would work out hard before work, protien shake after, then hit the bars after work for about 3 or 4 single malts; the next day, like clockwork, I was in ketosis. I thought about the insulin thing but decided just not to fuck with it.

Hey James,
That is a pretty amazing example. Do you think it was because of the insulin secretion caused by the alcohol or the alcohol itself that caused this? And do you think doing that helped you get leaner than if you had just waited for your body to naturally hit ketosis? By the way how did you come up with the idea to do this?

Hmmmm, the Glenlivet Diet. I like the sound of it. It seems to me that it may not simply be the alcohol. Whiskeys are high in simple sugars too. If one wanted to test the theory out, I suppose you could try vodka instead, which has less extra-caloric baggage, or grain alcohol, or Everclear.

As for insulin usage, I guess I’m just toeing the party line here, but I think it is very dangerous for the averge person to mess with. Insulin shock is some serious shit.

James, I too would like to know if you feel having used that system got you leaner than if you just naturely waited till your body entered ketosis.

Here’s my point: If doing a nightly carb up with zero carbs during the day, you may hopefully be able to hit trace ketones again by the next nights carb up time, naturally depending on the amount of carbs eaten the night before. However, if you were using a little insulin a few hours after your carb up you could get into ketosis much sooner thus adding many more hours of ketosis induced fat loss, before you would replinish your glycogen stores that following night. My question is that if you induce ketosis via insulin then you have not depleted your glycogen stores from your liver or muscle cells, whereas you would have if you “waited it out” for ketosis to occur. Thus would the following carb up be more likely to be stored as fat since there would not be as much room for glycogen storage if using the ketosis via insulin method?

Yes, I got MUCH leaner! I think it worked better because it only took one day to get into ketosis! which on body opus, means I have 5 fun filled days of fat burning fun! I believe that after drinking alcohol your blood sugar takes a big drop, hence the late night raids to 7-11 after the closing of the bars. It also helped that i was also doing this after having not eaten. Also, I didn’t go out and get plastered either. Just two or three drinks (maybe more) then go to bed. It does work for me when I’m on a keto diet. Either way, I think it is a hell of a lot safer than taking insulin, which if you screwed up- you are fucked, while if you drink too much, you’ll just raid the fridge.

Thanks JM for the advice. Do you think this system will get me leaner than if I just hit trace ketones each night without the use of insulin? One of my concerns is that the nightly or morning shot of insulin would tend to get me fat despite the fact that it would get me ketotic sooner and deeper. Or if I were to shoot each morning without any carbs in my system for at least 6 hours would that keep me from getting fat from the insulin injections?

JJ, I really don’t know a whole hell of a lot about insulin use except for the fact if used wrong (like anything) it can really fuck you up in the longterm. I am sure however about the use of alcohol to drop blood sugar. I don’t think this would be a good idea to do daily however. I came up with this idea because I was a bartender who spent to much money after work on beers. I started a keto diet so I couldn’t take in any carbs on sunday. I switched to straight liquor ( yes I know alcohol is a sugar). On monday mornings I notice that my ketostrip was pale purple. This was good because the two days it took to get into ketosis the regular way made me feel like shit. If you do try this try Laphroaig, it’s much better than glenlivet.

James Mooney, what was your exact protocol for entering ketosis with alcohol. How long did you fast after your post workout protein shake before you had your whiskey and how much did you drink, ect ect. Please lay it out step by step for me. I AM VERY INTERESTED IN TRYING THIS!!! Thanks bro!!!