Damnit! If only I had a second chance...

The other day my folks made me watch that stupid movie, “The Replacements”. Although the film sucked, the part about how Keanu Reeves got a second chance to be a quarterback got me thinking about something. My last two years in high school I did track in the spring. My events were shotput and discus. I loved sports more than anything else I did in high school, but I was dissatisfied with myself at the end of my senior season. I didn’t do much productive training in the offseason. I wasn’t very good, and never achieved any of the marks I had wanted to. Well, when my last season ended I found about T-mag and became addicted to it.

Since last spring I’ve become a hell of a lot stronger now that I know the right way to train. Since this is my first year in college, my competition days in track are obviously over. But when I see how much progress I’ve made and how much better I could have been, just thinking about it now pisses me off to no end. Sometimes I feel as if I’d give my right hand just to have one more season to tear that discus field another a-hole. Anybody out there have a similar experience with a sport or something else, where they’d do anything to have a second chance to do it right?

Uh… Ever hear the term “walk-on”? If you want to train with the team, and are good enough, they’ll field you in events. Talk with the coach. You may not have lost that chance.

You must be about 18 now John. I agree. Your life is about over. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, do what Brider says and get your azz over to Coach’s office and stop whining about lost opportunities. I want to hear some good stuff about you next year.

Yeah, you guys are right. I just can be real moody a lot of the time and just go off every once in a while. I’m going to train like there’s no tommorow for the next year, then go out and give it all I’ve got. The only thing is, I don’t know much about how throwers train. I know some drills with plyometrics and medicine balls for speed and power but need to know more about a thrower’s weight training. Right now, my lifting is based around the deadlift, chinup, seated row, incline press, and shoulder press, using parameters for strength and power. If anybody could give me some advice, it would help a lot.

You’re 18-19, a college freshman, and you think it’s too late!!! I was a fat kid but started working out with weights at 14. I never expected to achieve more than an average body and never dreamed of entering a bodybuilding contest – never even went to one. At age 64 I took 3rd place in the Mister Israel Masters Over Fifty contest. You’re too late? Not hardly!

That’s where the coach comes in. TALK TO THE COACH. Find out what the training plan is for off season. I’m sure they will tell you, and the bonus is that they probably won’t have to spend any follow-up time with you, like they do the regulars. Let them know up front that you want to walk-on for the team, want to know what the team is doing for off-season training. Who knows, they might even invite you to work with the team.

i don’t know what division your college is, but most smaller schools have open track teams and struggle for numbers. go see the coach and tell him/her you want to start training for the outdoor track season. you may even be able to practice with the indoor team right now. go talk to the coach TOADY and tell us what they say! good luck!

One of the best(if not the best) strength coaches in the world has writen articles for
t-mag and makes himself open to every athlete: Coach Davies. Give him an email and I’m sure he can tell you how to train. Good luck. Get going as fat as you can before you lose your eligibility.

I’m not looking at new talent at the moment, Michelle! Thanks for trying to send an over the hill, 18 year old loser my way. I really appreciate that! By the way, call me Michelle baby–you still got my digits, you little ball 'o fire! TOADY out…Ribbitt!

Although I have yet to find anything out, I’ve contacted the GVSU track coach and let him know that I want to walk-on. I’ve also contacted Coach Davies through e-mail, and he offered to help me design a training program for discus.

When I first posted this message I felt kinda’ lost at the moment, and my workouts had become a chore. Not anymore though. I don’t want to sound all gushy here, but you guys really helped raise the flaming phoenix out of the ashes. Thanks. You can count on hearing from me in the future.

Oh, and coach TOADY, I just want you to know that I eat frog legs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And when I get to training camp this summer, I'm going to fry your scaly amphibian ass.

Wow! What a transformation. Go get em John. And, if you do make the team, it will be your turn in the barrel (that is if TC will ever get out out of it willingly.) :slight_smile: Happy Trails.

scowl ok fine, i NEVER said i could type!!! laugh