Cycle advice/opinions

I’m planning out my post-summer muscle gaining cycle, and so far, this is what I have:
500 mg Test Enanthate/week/8 weeks, 4 IU GH 5 days/week/8 weeks (before workouts), Surge! post workout as a substitute for Insulin, 1/4 to 1/2 tab Arimidex ed or eod, t3 and/or thermos if needed, clomid following.
Technically, this will be my first cycle (I’ve done two 4 week cycles of 500mg Deca the past two summers with no results).
I need some input and opinions on this cycle.
One friend is telling me I need more androgens (more test, more GH, real insulin, dbol), as well as mixing it up mid cycle. Any advice would be appreciated
Stats right now: 6’, 190, 11% bf. Going to cut all summer with alternating cycles of Heat Miser and MD6/T2 trying to get the bf% down.