HGH Dosage and Timing

I’m about to receive my first shipment of GH. 5 kits of 10 12iu vials. Was looking at start with 4iu daily. Some say you need to start with 2ius and work your way up. Others say you don’t. Also I’m reading first thing in the am before you eat is the best time. But then I see at night for recovery is the best time. Also have read splitting the dose and doing 2iu in the morning and 2iu in late afternoon due to cortisol lvls. @studhammer I know you have a lot of experience here. Can I get your thoughts and opinions. Thanks.

Pinning 2x a day can get real old. Plus it’s easy to forget. I think pinning at night is best for recovery and simulates natural production

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Very cool! Did you taper to 4iu due to bloat, hand numbness, etc? Or is 4iu not that high of a dose to worry about?

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Do you still run hgh?

I started at 5 iu and ran that for 90 days, then slowly tapered down to 2 where I’m at now

I plan to start as soon as I get the hgh. I’m currently just at my trt dose of test e but plan an aggressive cut about 7 weeks from now consisting of:

Test e 250mg 1-12
Tren a 400mg 1-12
Mast e 500mg 1-12
Var 50mg 1-8

Would the hgh be a waste to start immediately and run though this cycle or would it be beneficial?

I have ordered 5 kits only and at 4iu Per day, that will last 5 months. Probably at about the 3-4 month mark I will be ordering another 5 kits. I don’t plan to run longer than 6-8 months before a break.

Have you run tren before? That’s quite a stack you’ve got.

Yes I have run the same stack last year minus the var… I used sdrol in its place at 10-20mg daily. And I think mast e was only 400mg. My only blast this year has been test/deca/proviron. Which I’ve been off for about 4 weeks now.

The tren cycle last year I tried bulking with it and come to find out tren isn’t a good bulker, I gained ton more mass off of test/deca cycle.

Looking to cut with the tren this go around.

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I think you will like the anavar. Increases muscle hardness and vascularity.

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Did you split your dose while on var? 25mg in the am and 8 hours later another 25mg?

25mg in the am and 8 hours later another 25mg?

Exactly, twice a day

Very cool… do you think the gh would be wasted if I run it in conjunction with this aggressive cut? Or would it benefit my goals for bf % drop? I have no problems starting the GH after this cut cycle.

Also I know var is bad on lipids but if I run nac and milk thistle I was thinking of running the var all 12 weeks. How long have you run var at most?

Personally, I think this would be best.

You can run NAC and TUDCA for liver protection. Better than milk thistle I heard. Both available at health food stores

About 6 weeks. I got bad muscle pain at a 100/day and some cramping at 50 so just be flexible and listen to your body

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Perfect, I was thinking the GH would be wasted on a cut that I’m gonna reduce carbs heavily every 4 weeks. By the last month my carb intake will be 110ish. Basically all carbs will be pre and post workout only. I will start at about 300 deficit but end in about 900 deficit. I figure the tren will preserve all the lean mass I currently have, if not add a lil more on top of it.

I love tren, but sadly I will only do it this last time. Slightly harsher on the system and gotta use up what I have. After this cycle I’ll probably have a few unopened vials left but oh well… I’m sure some buddies will take them off my hands lol.

Ditto, but the wife has forbidden it now after 2 blasts. Apparently it changes me for the worse

Lmao!! Get a bit aggressive on it huh?

I’m an aggressive guy by nature but for some reason gear and Tren especially does the opposite to me. Turns me into a cuddle bug, wife really enjoys it. I figured it would turn me into an even bigger dick than I already am.

I can’t wait to run tren for a cut this time. At the gym I feel like a Greek god. I just gotta figure out how to maintain some type of cardio 3 days a week. I’m gonna try the treadmill at 3.5 for 20-30 minutes.

I think I’d consider some kind of power cardio. My gym, Golds, offers a pump class that is pretty taxing and sure as hell gets the HR up.

Well I’d love to try that but on tren I get winded so easy. Squat days are the hardest as I can’t seem to catch my breath. Hell even adult time with the wifey I have to take breaks lol.

I think with my first run of tren I tried HIIT cardio and that shit wasn’t happening.

Hey @studhammer when you started you HGH adventure did you notice weight gain? I’m a lil over 2 weeks in at 4ius and have gained about 5lbs. This on top of my cycle of test/tren/mast/var. I’m eating at calorie maintenance and am still gaining weight. I figured between the gh and my cycle I’d be shredding fat. Maybe it’s too early idk.

Hell yes. About 18-20 pounds before it stopped. Its all water. For me, this process took almost 60 days before the water came off and then the fat loss started. By day 90, I ended up losing 4 inches on my waist.

If you haven’t seen this yet, I wrote up a little how to guide on GH. Has some answers based on my experience

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