Cutting up maintaining strength

I’d like to get to 5/6%body fat(currently I’m around 9% at 6-0" 180 lbs and I have trouble losing the last pounds of fat)without losing strength and explosiveness since I’m a semi-pro
baseball player.I thought about using tribex 500 and methoxy-7 while dieting to preserve lean mass(Don’t like pro-hormones,maybe some thermogenic).My diet scheme is built around cycles of 3/4 days keto/carb load 1 day.I’d like to know which calorie range should I shoot for and any advice you guys can offer on training diet and supplementation.I weight train 3 times weekly+2 speed/power sessions of track/plyo.
Thank you

Sine I do quite a bit of research on keto and use it myself, I’ll offer my thoughts.
I am 5 11 186 @ 8% bf; usu. don’t get too low unless show or summer coming up…but i digress, i usually do 7 day keto with 1-2 CHO up with the following numbers
Kcal/day: approx 2350 (give or take 100)
CHO: always below 30

Carb Up:
Kcal/day1: 4-6000 depending on muscle fullness
CHO: upwards of 700
Kcal/day2: more around maintenance depending on muscle fullnees
CHO: around 330

I usu. use Met-rx keto pro and thermicore during the keto week (you really don’t need anything else) and on the CHO up…usu Citramax, and APL…good protein is a must in the form of shakes, fish, etc. etc.
Good luck