Cutting Stacks

Looking for some insight on your experiences for stacking DHTs.

I am currently on test+primo and was gonna cut soon, but i want to add Anavar but then is be adding 2 DHTs. Difference is one is oral and the other is injectable so is this acceptable or do you guys just run one or the other?

I incorporated primo mainly as an AI so my dose is at 300mg a week so this was gonna stay the same.

You might wanna put this in the Pharma section.

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What is your test/primo dosage? unless you have a very large amount of muscle, any amount of TRT or higher test + primo dose that “doesnt crash your e2” is probably enough to prevent muscle loss from normal cutting. For instance, I really like 250/100.

What would the purpose of the Anavar be? Are you trying to do a really aggressive cut, and you’re afraid you’ll lose muscle? Are you trying to look super full while on the cut?

DHT derivs are my favorite.

I don’t see the point in trying to delineate between DHT and 19-Nors, except that stacking 19-Nors can be risky for mental sides.

Mast, primo, anavar, tren, DHB, are known to work well in combination with a caloric deficit. The only two that may have an actual fat burning effect are tren and DHB, so make sure your diet is on point.

Currently on 600test, 300primo. Got my bloodwork yesterday to check my levels so this may go up or down, but assuming levels are fine this would be my base going into my cut and be adjusted when needed.

The purpose of Anavar would be to help with strength and the additional anabolic properties in a cut and help obtain a better look at lower bf%.

Would stacking an injectable DHT (primo) and oral DHT (Anavar) yield the same negatives similar to stacking two 19NOR compounds or two oral DHTs?

I see a lot of forums and posts stacking two 19NORs is a no go for the most part, but is this the same case for DHTs if one is oral and the other is injectable?

Anavar doesn’t really effect e2 like primo does. mast affects it in a different way. So primo + Anavar would be ok in my book, although those are suited for a lean bulk.

You say the word ‘anabolic’ meaning ‘to grow’. Are you trying to grow on a cut? I call that a ‘recomp’, and the only drug I’ve ever seen that done with is tren, and it’s still not easy.

I don’t want you to add multiple DHTs thinking you might grow muscle tissue while losing fat. I’ve seen (and done) too many cycles where recomp was the goal, and lean bulk at best is the result. When the cycle finishes and water leaves, the same fat remains.

The way I see it, there are 4 cycles and each has their purpose:

Cut: lose fat quickly without losing muscle
Bulk: gain muscle quickly. Some fat is ok
Lean bulk: gain muscle slowly, so that no new fat is gained
Recomp: the hardest of them all. Lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Diet has to be tracked and meticulous. Tren wants you to EAT and bulk. Recomp takes serious willpower.

Thats my 2 cents. I just don’t want you spinning your wheels and wasting time (and AAS)

Adding some anavar for the last 6 weeks for look is ok.

19 nors shouldn’t be stacked for mental and physical health reasons, DHTs can be, but I’d challenge you to pick one and use the correct dose.

All my advice goes out the window if you don’t care about health or wellbeing on or after, FYI.

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