Would someone critique me… im 17 … 16 3/4 arms 48 chest… 26 quads… 13 % bodyfat i have a picture at this site Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos

How much do you weigh?

does that link work?

sorry forgot that… im 225

Looking good my man! Keep up the good work! How about your legs? Are they nice and thick too? You have a hella thick neck. But you might want to do a little more trap work. That will make you look like a monster! Good job!

Yeah, 225 is huge man, but for some reason you look alot lighter than that in the picture, youshould prolly get a better lighting situation and or pose to show off your full studliness if your gonna be sending this all around the web to girls and such. Thats my two cents…Later

im taking this weeek off cuz i havent breaked since wrestling… i wanna be 240 by the end of summer… i do lots of trap exercises but you can only tell from the back of me… i take in 275-300 grams of protein a day… 4000 calories a day… Surge after workouts… grow! for one of my meals… and Advanced Protein before i go to bed… i wanna try massive eating but that seems hard as hell to follow

yea youre right… i have pictures with a ton better lighting just not on computer… it makes me look skinny doesnt it? it doesnt show my thickness cuz thats the best part of me… ill try to get a better one sometimne

You seem to be a tall person, I’m guessing around 6’3" or taller, because at that weight I would expect larger arms, shoulders, and traps. Of course your legs could make up some of the weight I have not calculated for. You do have very good development especially for someone of your age though. Still, the lighting is throwing me off track because it does not give an accurate picture of your development. If I were you and I already had good leg development I would concentrate more on arms, shoulders, and traps for the time being. A few months of prioritization will be of great benefit to you.

Your face reminds me of Dorian Yates a bit (without the rough bits n large pores). Nice work for 17 my man!

Good work I say. You must be hella tall and your arms and chest look pretty well developed to me. I have no doubt about your thickness either. One key comment for my part from a bodybuilding perspective - delt prioritisation. Id go for 3 working sets of 8-12 behind the neck pressess (narrow and wide grip), 2 working sets of standing in front of neck presses, and some front, side and rear dalt raises (although the mass will come from good from presses with 100+pounds). Ian king also has a good delt program in a recent heavy metal if lower volume is your thing.

I can’t get the link to work. Does it still work?

shoot i shoulda put on more pictures cuz then youll see my arms… i have some huge peaks on my arms id like you guys to see… as for my traps ill have to make a shot of my back cuz it is enormous

Hey Spence, the only one who should critique you is yourself. Do you like the way you look and feel? That should be your real motivation.