I was curious as to which creatine was better. something like a cell tech or a creatine serum.i need something that wont affect my a braziliain jiujitsu fighter so i cant have those type of problems getting in the way of training

Read the current “News from the Front” article. That serum stuff is shit. Here’s an exerpt: The product Creatine Serum® was tested for
actual creatine content. To date there have only
been a few scientists who have figured out how
to keep creatine from degrading into creatinine
(a by product of protein metabolism) when
placed in a liquid solution for any amount of time.
(Biotest, at least judging by the lab tests
conducted by SKW, is one of them.) Apparently,
the “scientists” (damn, I can’t stop laughing, I’m
sorry) who created Creatine Serum have not.
The product underwent 3 separate analyses by 3
separate laboratories to determine actual
creatine content. The scientists, just to be fair,
analyzed two different lots of the Creatine
Serum® product. Guess what? Yep, this product
has < 10 mg per serving (it claims 2500
mg/serving). To put it another way, each serving
of Creatine Serum® has only 4% of what is
claimed on the label; the other 96% was mostly
creatinine (5). The take home message, stay
with creatine products that you know have a
good reputation for quality control.

As for Celltech, they only make stuff for 15 years that don’t know any better. Plain powdered creatine is all you need. Enough with the hype and bells and whistles.

Is Creatine Serum the same stuff made by Muscle Marketing, which is the ATP Advantage Creatine Serum? If not, how does the Muscle Marketing creatine serum compare to powder form?

Cell tech is pricey but it included dextrose and ALAs which, in fairness, makes it one of the better creatine products out there. At a sensible dose of about 5gms per day without any loading phase (ofter recommended but unlikely to be of any use) I havent had any stomach problems.