Hi guys.
Question: creatine 4 girls? I’m going to start using it in preparation for a teen show, but not sure whether or not to “load up” on creatine at the beginning or not – some say it’s beneficial, others suggest to increase the amount gradually. HELP!!
Also, when do I stop using it? One week b4 the show, carb depleat for 3 days, then carb load for 2 days? If u have any advice on how to utilize the supplement to maximize result… Please post it :slight_smile:
(By the way, I’m using it w/ Xenadrine)

You dont have to load on creatine, its just that it takes a lot longer to saturate your muscles with it by not loading. Its upto you, in the long run one way is no more effective than the other. If you do load, get 20 grams for 3-4 days (not a whole week) then continue using 5-10 grams per day after that. When you take your creatine is important because if you take it when your muscles are not depleted, in the long run you will actually loose creatine transporters, which reduce the effectiveness of creatine. Therefore, only use creatine in the few hours after a training session.
Hope this helps.

Okay. THanK you. BUTT do I also take it in the morning like it says (1 tsp/5g) and another tsp AFTER my workout?

Search t-mag for Dr. Serrano’s creatine super cycle. This will allow you to gain an appreciable amount of mass. The optimal times to take creatine are in the morning in and in your post-workout meals.
There is not need to stop before a show. If anything I would re-load.


Wouldn’t that increase water retention in the muscle, and therefore also in the abdominal area, preventing me from acquiring that “lean” look??

Jade i dont see the need to take creatine in the morning, i doubt that you depleted any creatine during sleep. Use it immediately after training (5 grams) and then you can have another serving about 90 minutes later. The second serving is upto you. It depends how hard you train in the gym.

I think most BBer’s stop using creatine the week before the show because of water retention issues. And, BTW, most people, according to an older thread here at the forum, didn’t benefit from the Serrano formula. I know I didn’t, just wasted a lot of creatine! Methoxy-7, to me, is the ideal supplement for females who want to add muscle and harden up. It works that way for me, but seems to work doubly well for women. BTW, have any pics posted anywhere on the net? You know, so we can, um, evaluate your condition?

Okay guys…

Should I take GLutamine-L as well?? I was told it works well in combination w/ creatine. However, a female bodybuilder @ the gym today told me that women retain water naturally as it is, so I should “dump that creatine s*#t,” especially now (4 wks to the show), and just take Glutamine. I realize these supplements act very differently on the body, and help achieve different goals. For mine (getting a little leaner but not at the expense of my muscle – don’t want to look like a stick with boobs – wanna look kina pumped at the show) which is right?? I’M CONFUSED…

p.s. I’m only 16 and have been training for 2 years. I’m 5’7, 135lbs, 15%BF… :wink:
If u still want to, um, evaluate my condition, I’ll put a pic right b4 the show…

The majority of the research I’ve read has stated that the water is retained primarily INSIDE the muscle cell. I’ve been using creatine of all sorts since 1992, and I’ve never noticed any negative effects on my definition (bodyfat 5-8%). Optimum cellular uptake occurs by taking it within 30 minutes of completing your workout. Good luck with your show!

Guys’ i bought a creatine serum,…those the Creatine really absorb better or is this just a commercialized gimmick and another question is it better that powder? Thanx!

In relation to uptake: After -any- type of workout or just weight training? What about off days and the negative effect on creatine transporters. Do you have any links I can read more into this?

In relation to uptake: After -any- type of workout or just weight training? What about off days and the negative effect on creatine transporters. Do you have any links I can read more into this?

You bought Creatine Serum??? WHY? Get your money back NOW!!!

LOL…why does it suck ? (Creatine Serum?)

Lab analysis performed on the product found that the product contained less than a MICRO-gram of creatine. I believe the labels claims around 2.5 grams. No company as of yet has been able to make a stable liquid creatine. I remember SoCal supps tried a few years back but where are they now???


stable liquid creatine? ever hear of Ribose-C? pretty sure that was stable and i know it contained creatine.

Yes I have heard of it. I looked on and they dont sell it. I didnt call the 800 number to confirm so they still might.Infinityfitness does sell it however.
Do you happen to have or know of any literature that I can find on labratory tests done on it? I will take a look through the site and see what I can find.
Please try to spell my name correct.

Does anyone know why Biotest stopped making Ribose-C? It seemed like a lot of people who couldn’t tolerate normal creatine liked this product so I can’t imagine why they would just stop making it.

Biotest stopped making Ribose-C due to the cost I believe. Basically it costs a lot of money to make creatine in a liquid form and D-Ribose accounted for most of the cost since the raw material is quite expensive. It was also annoying that 1 bottle of the stuff lasted only a few workouts. D-Ribose works, as many supps do, but I don’t think its worth the price. Sorry about the misspelling Greg. Good day.